Wallace and Gromit Review PS2

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Wallace and Gromit Review PS2

The old plastercine favourites finally make their debut on PS2, starring in their own platform adventure developed by Frontier development.

adventure developed by Frontier development.Project Zoo takes Wallace and Gromit on a chase after Feathers McGraw, the exceptionally evil penguin burglar from The Wrong Trousers, who has kidnapped Wallace and Gromit's adopted pet polar bear, Archie, from the zoo. Before you know it you're in control of Gromit and have to search out nuts, bolts and tools with which Wallace can fix the various doors, switches and machinery you need to help you progress. The game does seems befitting of a Wallace & Gromit short, with Wallace improvising odd inventions by using whatever he can find and Gromit performing various feats of daring-do and making the occasional subtle reference to cheese.

Wallace and Gromit Review PS2

Though the Wallace & Gromit shorts are always unique little bits of stop-motion animation, Project Zoo is a fairly straightforward 3D platformer. The game plays in a similar way to many other platformers - such as and maybe Ratchet & Clank and jak and daxter in style layout, and with much better graphics than most of the PS2 competition. You directly control an amazingly smoothly modeled Gromit with whom you wander around the levels looking for ways to access the next section or a higher platform. You do, however need Wallace-who acts as a helper character, to occasionally repair various mechanical devices to continue moving forward. Most broken devices you come upon require nuts and bolts to repair, which you can find scattered liberally throughout the levels. Some require tools, which are little more difficult to acquire.

Gromit can punch and karate kick most enemies quite effectively but soon gets provided a selection of fun weapons by Wallace, a banana gun, a porridge machine gun and a veggie launcher. He can also swim, squat jump or reverse jump to get to hidden or lofty difficult to reach bits, there is also a handy auto-aim for use with one of the various weapons. The game also offers several bonus levels to gain a few more nuts and bolts, useful as you progress through the game.

Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo is a game that could prove entertaining for fans of Nick Park's peculiar pair, but, as a 3D platformer, it's simply not that impressive. When you add the game's relatively short length to the overall lack of polish, Project Zoo isn't a terribly attractive purchase, but it could make a decent rental.

by James Skelton