Virtua Fighter 4 Virtua Fighter 4 Playstation®2 version @
Virtua Fighter 4 Playstation®2 version

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Virtua Fighter 4 from the legendary Yu Suzuki and his SEGA AM2 development team. A phenomenon in arcades around the globe, the number one fighting game finally comes to the number one console.

Virtua Fighter 4 features 13 unique combatants - 11 classic fighters along with two new characters: Lei Fei, a shaolin monk, and Vanessa Lewis, a vale tudo practitioner - each with their own unique fighting styles based on real martial arts including jeet kune do, aiki ju-jitsu and pancratium.

Virtua Fighter 4 Playstation®2 version @
Virtua Fighter 4 is much more than just an arcade port, not only have AM2 added exclusive arenas but have also included all new gameplay modes to the Playstation®2 version. Headlining these modes is the AI Character feature, which lets you become the master as you coach a computer-controlled character to victory. By choosing certain moves your fighter will learn when to attack and when to defend, you can then pit your fighter against others trained by rival PlayStation2 owners to see who is the true champion. Your champion fighter can then be used in the Kumite tournament mode, in order to fight their way to victory.

As in real martial arts, anticipation of your opponent plays a bigger role than speed or strength, the all-important Training mode is the place to learn the game and perfect the timing of your moves. Survival mode tests your staying power and all the defensive techniques needed to be the best.

With more than 13 different martial art styles and well over 3000 different moves Virtua Fighter 4 truly is the definitive martial arts simulator on any platform.

Virtua Fighter 4 Playstation®2 version @