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Twisted Metal Black Online Reviewed on PS2

Twisted Metal Black is now a classic game that featured a number of deranged characters and their Mad Max style vehicles in which they would do battle to the death with the aide of some very destructive weapons. All fast paced frantic action took place in some very large arenas that were packed with loads of obstacles, weapons and hidden dangers. Basically Twisted Metal Black was made for online game play, and now it is online.

So what's new…? Well to start with I will tell you what isn't new. All the classic characters and their vehicles are here and in tact, the large dark urban arenas with all their weapons and dangers are still here and finally all the frantic action is also here in abundance. So what is new? Well, obviously it is that little word online that gives the game away. Now you have all the best of the original Twisted Metal Black with even more destruction and carnage.

If you host a game yourself you will be faced with a plethora of options for each game you set up. First there are four different

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types of games to pick from. Manhunt is what you would expect, one player in made to be the prey while the rest of the players are hunters. If you are the prey evading, damaging and killing hunters will add to your score. If the hunters damage or kill the prey they will receive points, but the hunter to deal the final blow to the prey will become the prey for the next round. Collector mode requires players to retrieve every object found throughout the arena. Then there is last man standing which has all players fighting each other, every player will have a set number of lives so if you die you will re-spawn into the game should you have a life left. Obviously the last man standing is the winner. Then there is the deathmatch mode which is pretty universal to online gaming, but just in case you don't know, deathmatch is like last man standing but without the lives, so when you are dead you stay dead.

Aside from the game options you will also be able to set usual preferences such as time, score, kills etc to determine the winner of each match. After this the hosts can modify each game with various options available, for example, you can force each player to enter the game with the same vehicle or limit the game to a single weapon. One top of this there are some more options that let you remove the radar or health bar from your screen so you don't actually know how well you are doing until you actually explode into a ball of flames. There is also the ability to set a password on the game so you can play the game with your mates only. Hosts can also include relics into the game; each relic will provide the player with special powers. For example the assassin relic allows the player to cloak himself when they are not moving. There are 12 of these relics in total but the catch is that only one car may hold a relic at any one point in the game.

If you don't host a game you will be able to pick a game from the ones listed in the lobby, but if you do want to customise a game yourself you will have to host the game. Twisted Metal Black plays just as well as the previous game, the controls are still nice and tight, enabling you to turn on a coin or drive at incredibly high speeds without any problems. The action is fast and furious but the frame rate doesn't even flicker when there are 16 cars and numerous weapons flying around on the screen at the same time. This is not due to the graphics being shoddy either everything looks and sounds just as good as the original Twisted Metal Black.

The only downside to Twisted Metal Black Online is the simplicity of it, you probably won't get as much game time out of this title as you would out of SOCOM US Navy Seals, Twisted Metal Black Online provides a much faster action packed arcade experience which will probably become one of those games that you play for a quick fix of carnage. That said though, Twisted Metal Black Online is a real blast and a great game to play. If you own a network card Twisted Metal Black is a worthy investment and one that you won't regret.

8 out of 10