Disney's Treasure Planet

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Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2

The game Disney's Treasure Planet is a out on the Play Station 2 and with its fantastic 3D graphics and its friendly short film extracts to guide your game play, is this game going to be a hit or a miss. As you begin to start your adventure the games story begins like this. On the clearest of nights when the winds of the Atheriam were calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships with their cargo's of Arthurian solar crystals fell safe and secure. Little did they suspect they were pursued by pirates. And the most feared of these pirates was the notorious captain Nathaniel Flint. Flint and his band of renegades swooped in and out of nowhere. And then gathering up their spoils vanished with out a trace. You play a character called Jim, who is a boy and after you are introduced into the game you are shown a short film extract, which shows your player beginning his quest.

Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com

Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com

Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
Disney's Treasure Planet Reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
Your play Jim is shown holding a golden sphere that has some strange markings on it. The globe looks as if it can be opened in some way, but opening this globe has baffled the greatest minds. As you hold the globe by some kind of miracle you manage to unlock the globe and a vast beam of light emerges from it's opening revealing a map. The map revealed shows a planet, the planet Montria and the Medulam clouds but the main interest on the map is the treasure planet, the loon of 1000 worlds. Your quest now is to get to treasure planet.

You first control the player Jim in the map room where the map you revealed is shown so that you can see where your quest will take you. As you take to the controls you will find that all of the controls are easy to get to grips with. The nice 3D styles graphics and smooth game play make this an easy but affective game to get to grips with. Your aim first of all is to get to Treasure planet but to do this you need to light beacons to help guide your way to this secret place, but these beacons have been scattered far and wide and your first task is to get these beacons lit again. When you come across beacons the only way to activate them is too use and collect Doubloons which are like small coins located in various places through out your upcoming destinations. Only by lighting these beacons can portals then be unlocked which will finally guide you to Treasure Planet. By collecting 100 Doubloons you have the power to light a beacon so through out most of the game you will find yourself collecting these Doubloons but its not just as easy as collecting them because there are many enemies which you will meet who are out to stop you. The game auto saves every time you gain a new beacon so you don't have to worry about doing the same level again and again if your Play station is interrupted. If you press start whilst playing the game you can also check to see which beacons you have lit so you can check you progress at any time during your adventure.

As you may already know Disney Planet is an upcoming movie by Disney and so as you would expect many of the short film extracts during the game play will be clips taken from the movie. The games story line will also probably follow the basic story line of the film, which is nice if you are a lover of Disney films because now you can follow your own Disney adventure. All of the graphics through out the game are very nice and colourful and when you watch the film extracts it's just like you are watching a real life Disney film. The music that accompanies these fantastic graphics is also very well suited to the type of game and game play helping to give you a greater involvement into the feel of the quest.

When you lead your character through out the levels there are many characters which you meet and you are given the opportunity to talk to most of these. If a character is not helping explain the story line in greater detail then they most often give you advice on game play or controls, controls which aren't so obvious or which you may not have realised are needed for a spefic task. A another nice feature with this is that the advice given to you is not just shown on the screen in text format it is also spoken out loud by each character which will make it easier for some younger players to under stand.

To help you conquer your quest of getting to Treasure Planet on many of the levels you are helped by a character called Morph, which is a small, pink coloured, cyber animal that floats around your head. This friendly little animal is your friend and if you leave the game without pressing any controls it will always fly down and sit on your shoulder or blow raspberries at you. As you work your way through various levels you will find that Morph is very useful because as well as being your friend Morph can also turn into objects that can help you. This help is needed pretty much as soon as your quest begins. You come across some buttons called Stack buttons and the only way to press these is with the help of Morph. By jumping up into the air and pressing the punch button Morph turns into a hammer and you slam him down onto the button releasing it and helping you get to you next location.

To defeat enemies which are located through out the various levels you have to control your player and use his fighting moves, which he knows. As well as Jim being able to punch he can also do a spin kick in karate style and if this is not enough to defeat your opponents he can also dive down on top of opponents by pressing jump and whilst air born pressing punch. Another nice touch to help you out is the way that you can jump really high. If you control the player Jim to jump into the air once air born you can press jump again and the player Jim can take a second leap whilst air born. This can be very useful as through out the game there are often some very large gaps that your player has to leap across and also high obstacles to leap up. Through out the game you will view your player in a 3D format but as an extra you can also look around using your players eyes view to scan around looking at various sections of the level that you are on.

As you find yourself getting further and further into the game you will see that the game has more variety than just walking around collecting doubloons. As you get deeper into the game you will find your self having to control Jim on both a jet powered windsurfing board and by a jet pack. The jet powered windsurfing board lets you blast around certain levels and it is both easy and fun to control. This gives the game a bit of variety as well as making faster game play. You will also find your self nearly gliding by using the sail on the windsurfing board but if this is not enough you can fire your player into the air with again an easy to control jet pack which is found on later levels. Every time you complete a level you player is sent back to the map room so that you can see where you quest will next take you. Every time you finish a level this is also accompanied by an extract of film to help make the storyline both clearer and more fun.

The game Disney' Treasure Planet is very self-explanatory. As you work your way through the levels you will be told everything that you need to know. The game is very easy to get into and I think that this is definitely a game for game players or all ages, though game players of a younger age group will probably find the game more appealing because of it's Disney theme and cartoon style story line. The game has been well put together and both the music and game fit very well together with music well accompanying the game play.

7 out of 10