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TOCA Race Driver On PS2

Codemasters reveals TOCA Race Driver’s dynamic damage engine.

Renowned for its high speed and aggressive race action, Codemasters’ multi million-selling TOCA Touring Car series has always provided some of motorsport gaming’s most spectacular real-car collisions on world famous circuits.

As the series makes the leap to PlayStation 2 and PC with the all new TOCA Race Driver due in June 2002, those collisions are about to become more dynamic, detailed and realistic than ever before TOCA Race Driver’s development team is currently refining and enhancing the game’s collision and damage engine.

The damage engine devised for TOCA Race Driver is based on real-life data. Researching and prototyping the engine for the game involved creating a computer simulation of a crash test facility. By using this, the development team is ensuring its car models will react authentically on impact with the correct movement and crumpling of car body parts.

The result is TOCA Race Driver’s Finite Element Modelling (FEM) damage engine. The FEM damage model accurately simulates the deformation of a car’s structure over the duration of an impact, calculating how both the internal structure and outer bodywork of the cars react.

This physics based approach gives unparalleled realism with different impact results every time depending on the exact conditions of the collision.

TOCA Race Driver On PS2 @
TOCA Race Driver On PS2 @

TOCA Race Driver On PS2 @

TOCA Race Driver On PS2 @
TOCA Race Driver On PS2 @
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