From Reflections, the creators of the Destruction Derby series and the award-winning Driver franchise comes a new style of action experience.

In the world of stunt driving, fear is failure: one mistake and your Hollywood dreams are over. The higher you go, the higher the stakes. Grip the wheel, hit the gas and chase the glory.

Go behind the scenes, perform dangerous stunts in 3 or 4 wheel vehicles; become a real hero of the silver screen."

You play the part of a Hollywood Stuntman for hire. You're hired to perform stunts for a variety of films, but you need to be good!

The stunts get harder and you need to accumulate skills to progress your career from low budget productions to multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters.

Have you got what it takes?

The Stunts

Each stunt consists of a series of clearly defined objectives, which can range from 180-degree spins, to perfectly timed jumps, dramatic barrel rolls and T-bone smashes. In order to succeed the player must achieve all or some of each scene's set objectives.


As in the hugely successful Driver titles, STUNTMAN is set in a number of different and well-known locations. The Stunts take place on movie sets in 6 different countries around the world.

Completing each stunt rewards you with bonus items. These can be used in the Stunt Arena, which you create yourself.

The Real Stuntman – Vic Armstrong

Reflections and Infogrames have been dealing with one of movies biggest Stuntman, Vic Armstrong. Vic has appeared in a huge number of well-known blockbusters such as Rambo, Indiana Jones, Universal Soldier, Starship Troopers and the big remake of the hit TV series Charlie’s Angels.

Vic Armstrong has worked in motion pictures for over 36 years and is well known all over the world.

His resume reads like a “who’s who” of film history, including some of the most popular films of all time. Following his stunt debut as an accomplished horse rider doubling Gregory Peck in Stanley Donen’s “Arabesque,” Vic went on to work as a stunt performer in countless movies, commercials and television shows in Europe and around the World. He is still the only person ever to have successfully jumped around “The Grand National Course at Aintree” with a helmet mounted film camera on his head; this is a throw back to his early teens as a steeplechase jockey.

Vic’s earliest stunt work included stints on the “Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Show,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and some of the classic James Bond films such as “You Only Live Twice,” “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” & “Live and Let Die.”

His reputation for precision and attention to detail with the most complicated of stunts, earned him the opportunity to become a Stunt Coordinator, beginning with his work on the 1968 British film “Figures in a Landscape” for Joe Losey, and continuing with such epics as “A Bridge Too Far,” “Young Winston” and the first two “Superman” films, in which he also doubled for Christopher Reeve. His skill made him a popular double for several other leading men, including Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Dalton, George C Scott, Malcolm McDowall, Roger Moore, Richard Chamberlain, George Lazenby, Ryan O’Neal, John Voight, Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson.

His resemblance and friendship with Harrison Ford established on the film “Raider’s of the Lost Ark,” merited Vic the opportunity to double Ford and Stunt coordinate throughout the “Indiana Jones” trilogy, making Vic (along with George Lucas) one of only two creative members to work on all three segments of the “Indiana Jones” films plus the three seasons of the “Young Indiana Jones” TV series.

As an Action Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator, his creative vision has lent itself to films helmed by some of the world’s most respected and prominent directors, such as Steven Spielberg, Paul Verhoven, David Lean, Peter Yates, Roland Joffe, Roman Polanski, Sir Richard Attenborough, Ridley Scott, Michael Cimino, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese.

It was, in fact, his association with George Lucas, that led him to his directorial debut, on the première episode on the second season of the “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.”

Ironically, it was in that episode that Vic directed his friend of old Christopher Lee, whom he doubled in the “Hammer” horror films.

In his first directorial feature, the 1994 film, “Joshua Tree” the casting of George Segal also proved to be an ironic throwback to Vic’s stunt days, as he had doubled the veteran actor in the British release “A Touch of Class.” The international success of “Joshua Tree” proved that Vic’s expertise and finesse in creating action sequences are not lost on a worldwide audience, The venture equally established him as a talented principal director, whose guidance elicited a more personal side of the film’s lead actor, Dolph Lundgren.

Vic’s extensive body of work includes films of all genres and size, including ”The mission,” “Empire of the Sun,” “Black Beauty,” “Terminator 2,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “Double Impact” “Dune,” “Total Recall,” “Air America,” “Universal Soldier,” “Return of the Jedi,” “Bladerunner,” “Henry V,” “Rob Roy,” “Starship Troopers,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “Entrapment,” The World is not Enough,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Captain Correlli’s Mandolin” and “Gangs of New York.”

Vic is a truly international moviemaker having worked on more than 250 movies in over 50 countries and the list is still growing. During the rare times that he is not working Vic lives between his farm in Berkshire and his house in Los Angeles.

Now he’s been working closely with us on one our biggest releases yet.

Stuntman Game features

1. Awesome number of vehicles for you to experience! Drive the cars of your dreams.

2. Fantastic rendered cut-scenes from each movie!

3. See your own movie trailer with you as the star!!!

4. 6 different locations based on Blockbuster film sets.

5. 2 game modes – Story and arcade.

6. Collect bonus items such as ramps and explosives to build into your own Stunt Arena.

7. Photo-realistic graphics and environments for next generation console owners.

8. No holds barred entertainment – Remember Destruction Derby? Crash and smash cars in highly detailed movie stunts.

9. Stunt-double for your favourite characters from cinema from ruthless London gangsters to Indiana Jones style heroes. You are the star!!