Sly Raccoon Reviewed

Sly Raccoon ~ New 3D Platformer Reviewed On PS2 @
Sly Raccoon ~ New 3D Platformer Reviewed On PS2
The game Sly Racoon on the Play station 2 is an exciting new 3D adventure, challenge style game and with its fun, colourful cartoon characters and graphics this game will appeal to game players of all types and age groups.

Sly Raccoons character was born into a large family, but this was no ordinary family, each and every member of the Raccoons family including uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents all have a special ability, the ability to Steel. When Sly Raccoon was a young kid a terrible event occurred. As all members of the raccoon family had this special ability to steel all their biggest secrets were written into a top secret journal and this had been passed down through from ancestor to ancestor so there steeling tactics would never be forgotten. Sly Raccoon was next in line to be given the secret journal but when it was about to be passed down to him, the top-secret gernal was stolen.

The journal was stolen by a group of five thieves who were called the Fiendish Five. The Fiendish Five stole the secret journal and so they could each have a part of the journal it was ripped into five different sections.

Sly Raccoon ~ New 3D Platformer Reviewed On PS2 @

The Fiendish Five stole the secret journal and so they could each have a part of the journal it was ripped into five different sections. Each member of the Fiendish Five took their part of the journal and then they all fled to the five furthest corners of the world. Now the Sly Raccoons job is to go and get back all the journals parts so that its secrets will remain safe forever.

As Sly Raccoon sets off to get back his five sections of the journal everything is out to stop him from completing his mission, but this mission will be vital to him because as well as getting back his family secrets this will give him lessons in the art of steeling as he himself steels back one section of the journal at a time.

Sly Raccoon could not carry out the massive task of steeling back the journal all by himself so to join him on his mission there are two funny characters Murray the hippo and Bentley the tortuous. As you go through the game these two characters teach and tell you new and different skills, which are arts that you will need to try, and master to help you to defeat the Fiendish Five.

As you get onto each new level of Sly Raccoon you are given the task of unlocking a page, but theses pages are all kept in a safe. To be able to gain access to this safe the games character will have to collect hidden notes, which are located in different areas throughout the games levels. The hidden notes on the levels each contain a code and this code is vital because you need all the notes to be able to know the final code. The final code is important because you will need this to be able to unlock the safe and its contents.

During the game you have to take Sly Raccoon through five exciting zones or levels. Each one of these zones is controlled by a member of the Fiendish Five and as you work your way through the levels you will eventually have to battle with each member of the Fiendish Five who are terrible bosses guarding the end of each level and the all important sections of the Sly Raccoons top secret journal.

The game is easy to pick up and play and the games storyline is smooth and coherent. The game also has unlimited continues which is a bonus as you don't have to restart the game every time you are caught out by the games game play. The graphics throughout the game are very impressive too and once again the ability of the Playstation 2s graphical capability is shown. Through out the game you are shown fun cartoon style graphics and this makes a for an interesting way of getting the games storyline across helping the player to get a deeper involvement in the game. With it's easy to control 3D format and great cartoon stories Sly Racoon is definitely an adventure game that game players of all ages will be able to get into easily and play for hours.

8 out of 10