Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

That crafty raccoon returns in the biggest heist yet! The gang are back in town with a few new friends... Multi-player stealth gameplay in an all-new, toon-shaded adventure

Created exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system by Seattle-based developer Sucker Punch Productions, Sly 3 builds upon the best-selling Sly Cooper series with an all-new, toon-shaded adventure across exotic and remote locations. Incorporating many of Sucker Punch's signature talents, including its critically acclaimed artistic style and exceptional storytelling, Sly 3 sees the old gang back together as they struggle against new villains as well as old adversaries in an effort to pull off the ultimate elaborate heist.

True to the evolution of the Sly Cooper franchise, Sly 3 will entice a broad range of players with multiple tiers of gameplay to reach both hard core and novice gamers. Sly 3 will draw players immediately into the devious adventures of Sly and his crew by offering a unique cast of playable characters, a challenging dual analog stick multiplayer mode, new vehicles, mini-games, disguises, enhanced combat move sets and much more.

Players hungry for a more in-depth gameplay experience can replay missions by utilizing the time machine feature, thus providing an opportunity to sneak around an environment again using alternative moves and disguises in order to achieve even higher Master Thief ratings. In the new multiplayer mode, players will play head-to-head and experience cooperative missions or replay mini-games together.

Sly 3 finds Sly and his crew in disarray and struggling against some setbacks. Bentley was crippled in the final battle with Clockwerk at the end of Sly 2: Band of Thieves and confined to a wheelchair, and Murray, feeling responsible for Bentley's tragic accident, has quit the team and chosen a path of non-violence and solace.

Meanwhile, Sly learns of a secret family fortress that houses the amassed Cooper family fortune. Upon arriving at this hidden location, Sly discovers another enemy group attempting to steal the Cooper fortune. Sly and Bentley quickly realize they will need considerable help to defeat this new rival. Their recruiting starts with Murray, and once back on-board, Sly, Murray and Bentley set out to enlist some new and familiar faces in an effort to pull off a World Class heist.

Fast moving, charming and fun, Sly 3 invites you to join the gang in their new adventures. Be cheeky, be sneaky... be Sly!