Slam Tennis Review
Slam Tennis Review On PS2
Slam Tennis is the latest in a long line of tennis simulations for the PS2.

Slam Tennis features the usual Exhibition modes allowing up to four players to compete in either a single match, a doubles match or take part in a tournament. The Arcade mode is a one-player knock out event where you must play a series of increasingly tough opponents in short intense matches. The Challenge Games are a collection of mini-games that offer a variation to the rest of the game.

One of these mini games features a net and a large beach ball on the other side. The object is to pop the beach ball with your serve and then pop smaller beach balls that appear after the large ball has been popped. The Second mini-game features some columns of bricks, which you must hit in order to demolish the wall. Thirdly there is a bubble bursting game which features four different coloured bubbles. The last game features rings on the opposite side of the court, you must direct you tennis balls through the rings in order to accumulate loads of points.

Last of all is the Championship mode where you must compete around the world in various events, from lengthy tournaments to challenge games where you must beat your opponent and, for example, pull off a couple of aces in the process, or win a point with a drop shot.

The controls are pretty simple, the four main buttons will hit top-spin, back-spin, normal flat shot and lob shots. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons to add side spin.

Serving requires just two presses of a button. Hit the button once to set a power bar off and again to stop the power bar, preferably when it's at maximum.

To add to the action, Slam Tennis features a special shot meter. This meter increases every time you hit a shot although if you loose a point it will reset. When the meter is full you can double press any of the shot buttons to hit either a wickedly fast top-spin shot or beautifully weighted drop shot. These shots are usually pretty hard to return but they are not impossible to return by any means.

Slam Tennis looks great; it features slick slow-mo replays and some good player reactions. Slam Tennis isn't an original game but it does an excellent job of being a fun tennis sim. Slam Tennis will suit the casual player with its easy controls and a gentle incline of difficulty and likewise it also will offer enough of a challenge for the hardened gamers out there.

7 out of 10

Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @

Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @ Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @ Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @ Slam Tennis Review On PS2 @
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