Shox Hints and Tips
Shox Review
It is possible to achieve a faster start by accelerating right after you hear GO. The closer you are to accelerating as GO is said the faster you will pull away, but if you are accelerating as GO is said then no speed advantage will be gained. This can be very usefull when trying to win a car by gambling, or trying to achieve GOLD in the first SHOXZONE.

To drive fast around the circuits it is important that you take the smoothest line possible. Your car will lose a lot of speed if you turn too much; this is particularly noticeable on sand. To learn the best lines to take around the circuits try to follow the AI controlled cars that have similar statistics for steering.

When you are racing you will notice that the AI cars perform differently from each other. Some cars like the FORD RS1800 will be much faster on tarmac or traveling along a straight stretch of road, while other cars like the MINI will not need to slow down as much for the bends. Try to learn where your opponents will be fast and slow so you can pass them easier and know when you will need to stop them from passing you.

To progress through the game quickly you should try to gain the special cars. By using a special car in a race you will be more likely to win the race, score many more points in the SHOXZONES and be more likely to gain GOLD mastery for the circuit. By gaining GOLD mastery you will halve the gamble cost for all the cars in the current group.

To gain a special car you must master all three SHOXZONES to GOLD in ONE race with the required car, this is called PLATINUM mastery. The first race in any championship can be mastered to PLATINUM by using the first car in that group. So the PEUGEOT 106 should be used for COMPACT race one, the PORSCHE CAYENNE should be used for SPORTS race one, the PEUGEOT 206 should be used for TURBO race one, and the AUDI QUATTRO should be used for POWER race one. You should therefore try to gamble for these cars first so that you will be able to win a special car in the first race of each championship.

Some cars have a fairly low stability statistic, when you are driving these cars you may need to slow down slightly for some of the bigger jumps. By slowing down you will reduce the likelihood of landing badly, which would lose you a lot of time and maybe the race. The route you take over some of the jumps and rougher parts of a circuit can also lose you time, try to find the quickest routes over these areas by varying the route you take or following the AI cars.