Shadow Man 2econd Coming (PS2)
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First things first, if you don't know anything about the Shadow Man series you will need to know the following. You play the character Mike Leroi, Shadow Man fighting against evil demons in an attempt to stop them form awakening their master who will bring chaos of apocalyptic proportions, basically the desired affect is Armageddon.

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First of all this second installation of Shadow Man is a much more flowing game than the first game. For example in the first game you had to complete tedious tasks just to open the next level. This game feels like it flows and the puzzles have been designed with more thought than the previous game.

New Shadow Man 2econd Coming (PS2) @ New Shadow Man 2econd Coming (PS2) @

As mentioned you take the role of Mike Leroi in this third person adventure game in which you are set loose to fight evil. The game consists of massive sprawling levels with some really nice details. And the levels get even better looking and eerier as you progress though the game.

The game play works very well. The movement of the game does take a little while to get used to but you should be comfortable with it after a short while. Shadow Man has the ability to shoot two weapons at the same time. When a load of enemies appear you have to rely on the games targeting system which will shoot which ever enemy it chooses first. This can leave you in a sticky situation sometimes but generally you should be ok. When shooting at one or two enemies the targeting system has you covered very well. A rectangle will appear on the enemy and you may fire at will.

Most of the game is about exploration and so with the levels being so big and nicely detailed this is pretty good fun. You have to keep your eyes peeled to find areas which may not seem instantly obvious. Even more so when you are in some of the out door areas. You will need to find these places, as you may need to by pass an obstacle further down the road.

Once you get used to thinking in the same way as the game you will be on your way to plenty of pleasurable hours of gaming as not all of the aspects are obvious. Quite a cool thing you can do is teleport to anywhere in the game that you have already explored (including those key locations) using a teddy bear and this helps you no end.

All in all though Shadow Man 2econd Coming is a good game. It is however more of an adventure/puzzle game rather than an action blaster. But saying that there is plenty of blasting to be done. The sound is good, its eerie most of the time but when the action comes along the tempo goes up. No doubt Shadow Man 2econd Coming will draw you in with its great creepy looks (Especially Shadow Man himself), and the engaging story with plenty of gory bits and the occasional bit of swearing.

So if you want a very slick adventure game with an eerie feel, this is the game for you. 7.5

New Shadow Man 2econd Coming (PS2) @

Price: £33.99

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New Shadow Man 2econd Coming (PS2) @