Ratchet And Clank
Ratchet And Clank On PS2

An entertaining blend of action adventure, exploration, puzzle-solving and combat, Ratchet and Clank takes you to the furthest, most exotic reaches of the universe - and lets you blow them all up.

You control Ratchet, a talented mechanic who always dreamt of one day using his abilities to escape his tedious home-world and set off in search of adventure. This happens sooner than he thinks when Clank, a small, highly intelligent robot, crashes down on his planet. Clank reveals that Big Bad Boss, the head of the foul, polluted Belchworld and its race of Blargs, has launched a plan to create a new planet by taking the best bits of all the others - whether their inhabitants want him to or not. Thrown together by fate, you now have to work together: a mechanic and his robot assistant, to save their universe from the machinations of the evil Blarg race.

As you'd expect, with a rocket to your name and a vast and exciting sci-fi universe to explore, there are any number of exciting locations, ranging from beautiful ocean planets and giant alien metropolises to huge floating space stations. And, since each one is full of people out to get you, you'll be pleased to know that there's a vast range of weaponry at your disposal to help you fight back. You won't have them all at once, but by making use of the advanced economic system you can buy more and more powerful weapons as you progress through the adventure eventually finding enough guns, bombs and blasters to take on an army. Which is lucky, really, because that's what you'll be doing.

There are also any number of fancy vehicles and cool gadgets to help you in your mission, including Hoverboards and Magneboots - but one of the coolest of all is Clank himself. With the press of a button you can transform him into a thruster-pack, a hydropack and even a helipack, as the situation demands. In some locations, you'll even play as Clank, seeing the world from his robot point of view.

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With its vast range of weaponry and gadgets, nicely-judged blend of exploration, adventure, puzzle-solving and full-on combat, Ratchet and Clank promises to plunge you headlong into one of the most engaging, weird, wild and explosive games in the known universe. Just try to leave some of that universe intact when you've finished.

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