PlayStation Freedom Competition
PlayStation Freedom Competition

Are You A Freedom Fighter?

Do You Like To Party?

Can You Move With Style?

Is Speed Your Thing?

This week sees the launch of PlayStation’s very own video blogging site, dubbed “Freedom” by its makers. The dedicated website,, gives users the chance to build their own profiles, submit their own video blogs (vlogs) and follow PlayStation’s four “Freedom Explorers” as they embark on a summer of discovery.

PlayStation Freedom Competition Click Here to enter and win one of the following:

1 x small silver limited edition PlayStation2

1 x Tekken 5 game

1 x God of War game

5 x PlayStation Freedom T-shirts

5 x PlayStation Freedom badge packs

5 x PlayStation Freedom transfers

The Freedom Explorers are the result of a nationwide search for four people to go out this summer to some fantastic events and film their every move. At the end of the summer a winner will be chosen by public vote and that person will be given a ‘year of freedom’ on PlayStation’s tab! The four contests were chosen from thousands of entries by a dedicated panel of judges and now you can follow Julia, Nathan, Ethesham and Charlotte as they begin vlogging.

Take a look at their easy step-by-step guide to vlogging below or go to the site to view a much more fun video guide.


1. Go to

2. Watch Will’s video – “A Vlogging Guide For Dummies”

3. Set up your own personal profile on the site

4. Take your digital phone or camera and film whatever takes your fancy

5. Upload your vlog – you can even let your mates know when it is live

If you don’t want to direct and star in your own video, then watch someone else do it - follow Julia on her Move mission; join Nathan in his quest for Speed or perhaps Charlotte’s Party tricks will keep you entertained. If that isn’t enough then watch Ethesham’s journey as he Fights for freedom over the summer of 2005!

PlayStation Summer of Freedom – Be Free!