Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2 set for November return

The 'real' Goldenballs returns

Konami of Europe has announced that November will mark the release of the most anticipated football title for any format - Konami TYO, Inc's Pro Evolution Soccer 2 for PlayStation 2.

With European sales of the original Pro Evolution Soccer for PlayStation 2 now exceeding 900,000 units, Konami TYO have returned with a vastly reworked update. Widely renowned as the definitive football by both games-players and football aficionados alike, Pro Evolution Soccer amassed thousands of loyal followers with its intuitive and realistic control system. Pro Evolution Soccer made every feint, pass and through-ball of the real thing possible, and its sequel ups the ante even further.

Every aspect of the game has been refined or reworked, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2 now benefiting from three distinct dribbling styles, while shooting, turning, close control and passing have also been tuned to make them more individual and realistic.

Once again Umbro have been intricately involved in the development phase, adding another layer of realism through the inclusion of licensed products such as their Xai boot, latest ball designs and pro training kit.

To ensure its digital versions of the world's top stars react and play as they should, Pro Evolution Soccer 2's players have all been designed with over 25 skill factors taken into account. Each is rated in areas such as attacking nature, balance, stamina, strength and shot and pass accuracy, each of which endow the players with differing abilities and playing styles.

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2 set for November return  @ www.contactmusic.com
Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2 set for November return  @ www.contactmusic.com

Similarly, Pro Evolution Soccer 2's 'Player Create' option allows fans to recreate their favourite players for use in the game, determining their appearance and performance using the aforementioned attributes, while also highlighting a further 19 specific key skills and abilities. Newly created players can then be implemented in the sequel's Master League season.

Arguably the most popular aspect of the original game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2's 'Master League' competition enjoys many new features. A third division has been added to the two of the original game, while Konami TYO has also implemented a contract system wherein players now negotiate with players regarding the terms their contract if they want to add to their squad. Cup games now take place during the Master League season and squad rotation has become key to a successful season as players protect the fitness of their squad.

Other new additions include an extensive training mode, while the game's huge array of options allow users to tailor every aspect of the game to their taste - even down to designing their own club badges and kits.

Prizes worth £10,000 up for grabs in search for the national PES2 Champion.

Konami has joined forces with the GAME chain of retail outlets and Dennis Publishing, home of CVG magazine, in the search for the Nation's greatest Pro Evolution Soccer 2 player.

The eagerly awaited Pro Evolution Soccer 2 is released for PlayStation 2 in November this year. It has already been hailed as the definitive football title for any format, and now the search is on to find the player that can get the most out of the many flicks, tricks and passes the Konami game offers.

Initial heats will be held across 50 GAME stores the length and breadth of Britain. From Glasgow, to Liverpool, to London and through to Plymouth, players will be invited to play an exclusive early demo of the game and register their scores via a special form available in-store.

Anyone pre-ordering a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2 for £1.99 (redeemable against the full price of the game) will also receive a copy of the demo to take home before entering his or her best scores. All forms will be collated between September 30th-October 13th, with the best 128 players selected to take part in regional finals to be held in GAME's Blackburn, Nottingham, Bristol and Oxford Street branches between October 28th-31st

Every player who makes it to the regional final will receive a special goodie bag containing Konami games, copies of CVG, and merchandise from UMBRO - Konami's long-term partner in the creation and promotion of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. They will then take part in a series of knock out matches aimed at finding eight finalists who will battle it out in the grand final in November.

The ultimate winner will walk away with £1000 of GAME vouchers, UMBRO gear including Xai football boots and training wear, a copy of every game that Konami release during the year, and a trophy. Runners-up will walk away with UMBRO football wear and merchandise.

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