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NBA Ballers - PS2 Review - Prime Time Matchups - Trailer

NBA Ballers

If you’re looking for entertainment, then look no further!! NBA Ballers is one of the most fun and addictive games I’ve ever played. The pick up and play concept lures you into it. This game is superb, with loads of polygonal player models with great detail in facial expressions. Modes included are; Quick play, VS, Practice, TV Tournament, and Rags to Riches.

If you love creating your own player with, what seems to be, endless possibilities... this game's for you. Also, if you like a game where you can unlock all kinds of goodies, this game's for you. With over 1000 items to unlock, ranging from create-a-player items to movies of the NBA stars, it adds immensely to the replay value.

NBA Ballers - PS2 Review


The game really shows off the stars and their 'bling-bling' lifestyle.


Incredible player models, from their tattoos to the most realistic faces ever seen in a sports game. The sparkle and shine image of the game makes this quite visually appealing.


Thumpin' soundtrack features underground beats that fit perfectly with the flow of the game.


'Act a Fool' moves, tearing down the backboard, multiple ally-oops, and so much more. This game truly focuses on the sheer humiliation of your opponent.

Lasting Appeal

Create your own player and you build up his skills however you choose. Don't forget about the goodies to unlock, with over 1000 in the game.

In conclusion, I planned to play this game for 20 minutes, but was still there 2 hours later. I’m definitely going back for more!!!!

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