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PS2 - My Street PS2 Review
My Street PS2 Review
My Street is party game which contains seven mini games that can be played with up to four friends or online which is a big step forward for the party game genre. So My Street is a game that is meant to appeal to most people but unfortunately it really doesn't appeal or amuse anyone.

My Street is a party game which means that this game should have a decent amount of fun games for all the family. The seven games available are as follows.

The RC racing game is what you might expect although the track is sized to fit onto the screen which means the tracks are very small and the cars are even smaller which makes things a little difficult to see. You can collect power ups long the way and use them to power yourself through the field. Well in theory anyway, when you hit the turbo button there is so little room for manoeuvre your RC car ends up bouncing off the walls of the track. If you are locked in battle another car you will find one of

PS2 - My Street PS2 Review

the cars will probably stop or suddenly veer off in another direction. This does make you think twice before trying to overtake someone in a race. The second game is a lawnmower race that is very similar to the RC car race except you don't have to finish first to win. You have to cut as much grass as possible on the way round the track without touching the flowers, if you do you will loose lots of points. This is probably the best mini game in My Street so don't hold you hopes up for the rest of the games to come.

The forth game is the volleyball game which plays in a not too dissimilar way to other volleyball games but it lacks any finesse if you hit the right button at the right time the ball is going to be either, spiked, smashed or simply knocked across the pitch. The timing in volleyball can be a bit hit and miss, if you are not in the exact place at the right time or if you press the button a split second too early everything will go wrong. This would be ok if the volleyball game did this all the time but the timing varies so much it is very frustrating. The dodgeball game is very similar to the volleyball and the controls have some serious issues. Saying that, to win all you have to do is tap the R1 button to catch the ball and then press X to launch a killer shot at the opponents. Easy and frustrating, I never though I would see both of these elements in the same game, ever.

Next up is the marbles game which is just plain boring. The game places you and three other players on a board with one large marble each. You have to direct your marble to the inlet where smaller marbles roll on to the board and collect them by pressing the magnet button which makes marbles stick to your large marble. When this happens the small marbles change to the colour of your large marble, then you must make your way to the goal and place the marbles in the goal. Other players can steal your marbles on this game and you can do the same by ramming the other players chain of marbles. I think my head has turned to marbles now.

This really is quite painful. Next is the Chemistry game which is a Tetris come Puyo Pop strategy game. You have the playing screen which is the same as Tetris then pairs of coloured balls will fall down the screen, you have to place them and match the colours up. The balls don't pop on their own when you get a decent group of them together you have to use a laser (which is available at set times throughout the game) to burst the largest set of matching coloured balls on the board. And that is the Chemistry game.

Next up is the chicken herding game which is the one game in My Street that makes you brain work just a little bit. Chickens and Pigs run out of a coup in the middle of the playfield, you must place directional tiles down to heard the chickens in to your coup and the pigs into the opposing players coups.

As you may be able to tell that I really don't like My Street. I'm not being harsh either, party games are meant to be fun, anyone should be able to pick it up and play. Unfortunately none of this is possible, it certainly isn't fun and not many people will be able to pick it up and play instantly because the games have far too many issues with the controls. The worst thing is I haven't even mentioned the story mode or the online mode yet.

The story mode is even more tedious than the basic game. You are the new kid on the block and you will have to make friends with all the kids in the neighbourhood. To do this you can play a game of marbles buy running up to the toyshop to buy some marbles and back again to play the game. Simple. Later things get very boring indeed you will have to carry out chores for one week before you can save up enough cash to buy yourself a remote controlled car. The question I ask, what is the bloody point in going online to carry out all these incredibly boring tasks to play the mini games that are available in the single player offline game.

This is one game that I would suggest that no one should go with in 100 miles of, it is that bad. The games are not fun, they are not easy to pick up and play, they are frustrating, they look bad, and it's all awful. The best game on here in my opinion is the chicken herding, but I certainly wouldn't spend 30-40 quid on that.

2.5 out of 10

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