MotoGP 4

MotoGP 4 Review PlayStation 2

MotoGP 4 Review PlayStation 2
MotoGP 4 Review PlayStation 2

For anyone who doesn’t know about MotoGP, it is the number one motorbike series in the world. Forget world superbikes, MotoGP is where it is. If you have ever heard the name Valentino Rossi mentioned, he is the greatest man to ever race a motor bike that ever lived, and he is still at the top of his game, beating all the competition on what many people regard as the inferior bike the Yamaha.

Namco have released MotoGP games in the past, the last one being MotoGP 3 which took the physics of motorbikes to a new level. Weight could be shifted forward, backwards and to the left and right. This time around Namco have polished the game, improved graphics, physics and sound have all been improved.

Firstly the physics update has made the game even more playable and even more realistic and fans of the real world series will really appreciate the difference. The addition of 125 and 250 classes has also given the game a longer lasting appeal. This isn’t just because there are more bikes in the game, all of the game play changes when you race a 125, the name of the game is keeping up momentum, where as the MotoGP class is all about late breaking and getting on the gas as soon as possible without causing the bike to throw you over the handle bars.

Due to the inclusion of the additional 125 and 250 classes the season mode has changed in sympathy. You will have to start you first season on 125 class, if you win this you will then unlock 250 class and so on. This could be a bit of a pain for some players who would rather jump on the big bikes. This can be done in the arcade and tome trail modes so you can get your fix of MotoGP even if you haven’t progressed through the season.

For the uninitiated to MotoGP and motorbikes in general there is a training mode, this will hold you hand and take you through all aspects of riding a motorbike. This is very handy if you want to progress through the game and especially some of the challenges the game offers which can be very difficult. As you progress through all the various sections and modes MotoGP has to offer you will be awarded GP points which can be used to unlock a large selection of pictures, movies, riders and bikes throughout the history of motorcycle racing.

Graphically MotoGP 4 is much better looking than the previous installment. The bikes and riders are well detailed and the animation is nice and smooth. Tracks can look a touch on the dull side, but most of them are in real life so cant really complain about that. The sound is also very good best of all are the bikes sound effects which sound genuine.

MotoGP has a lot to offer and as a sequel, Namco have put a lot of effort into this update. In virtually every area MotoGP 4 excels and betters its predecessor. The addition of the 125 and 250 classes is a real bonus, especially for the fans of the series. MotoGP is certainly the best motorbike game on the market for the PS2 if not all consoles. Well worth a purchase.

8 out of 10

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