Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Party Edition

Review PS2

Sony Entertainment

For those who have been living under a rock or, god forbid, don't have/watch a TV (Who Wants To Be a Millionaire is a popular game show hosted by Chris Tarrant, whereby lucky contestants get the chance to win up to one million pounds sterling.

In single player mode, the game is pretty much identical to the TV show. Cruise your way up to the first milestone of £1,000 by answering your first five "gimme's" before your next progressively harder five questions lead you up to the "now you can breath a sigh of relief" milestone of £32,000. You now have another five questions that will either fortunately fall under your speciality knowledge or, more likely, bamboozle the hell out of you resulting in you still walking away with £32,000. Or as is the case with the PS2 game; 32,000 'points'. Whilst it gives you a chance to brush up on your general knowledge, this is the main reason that the single player game is ultimately unfulfilling. Fortunately though, you only have to put up with Chris Tarrant's voice and not his smug face.

As the quiz cannot ultimately keep you gripped to the edge of your seat with the promise of knowledge for cash, we look to the multiplayer option. The main multiplayer game supports up to 4 contestants who can choose from a small collection of characters all of whom seem to be modelled on stereotypical social malcontents; from the beardy ginger kilted Scot and deaf old lady, to the annoying gobshite teenager and fat football supporter. On the buzzer with R1 (or the 'Buzz' buzzer if you own one) deciphers who wins the question, but you have to be quick or an opponent can steal your question if you dawdle and they know the answer. You have three lives which can fall by the wayside for answering a question wrong or failing to answer in time. Bizarrely, however, the winner is not deemed to be the contestant who gets to the highest point on the money ladder, but the contestant who stays in the game the longest. This ended in our game with the winner on £0 having just sat there and done nothing whilst the others fought it in a 'battle royale' of poor general knowledge and luck. On a positive note it gives those playing the game the incentive of pride and the need to beat the other contestants rather than just playing for points.

There are a further collection of multiplayer modes which are a variation on the main multiplayer game, but rather disappointingly they only support two players. As the way you play the game can be adapted for either the 'Buzz' buzzers or, if you were feeling adventurous, the Eye-toy it is a shame that there is only one option to play with three or more contestants at a social gathering of some description.

The all new Who Wants To Be a Millionaire edition contains over 4,000 questions and this is to the producers credit, as having employed the writers of the game show to produce the questions, the game will not have the tendency to be repetitive. This said, the title does really fall between two stools. It does not have the incentive to give the single player game any longevity, yet it does not have the multiplayer variation for the title to be a game that will be played over and again at parties.

5 out of 10