Medal of Honor Frontline Reviewed

Medal of Honor Frontline On PS2 - Reviewed  @
Medal of Honor Frontline On PS2 - Reviewed
Medal of Honour Frontline takes place during the allied offensives of World War II.

You play the part of Lieutenant James Patterson, you will make your way through and well beyond enemy lines using stealth, sabotage and sometimes nothing but shear firepower.

The game starts at the beach of Normandy on D Day, you will find your self in boat seconds before landing ashore. You will be able to look around at the scenery and other sister boats being blown out of the water by German aeroplanes. Next you will literally be hurled into the sea; you will have to learn to swim very quickly.

Just before reaching the shore you will meet your Captain. He gives you orders to help rescue allies under heavy fire, once the allies have been rescued you will make your way up to the sea wall. By this point in the game you will be completely amazed by Medal of Honour Frontline, The sound the look and the acting in the game are all perfect, but it's the pure intensity of the action that will have you heart beating ten to the dozen as you storm the beach of Normandy. Bullets will whistle by you with terrific effect, allied soldiers will fall down to the ground dying all around you after being picked off by he German planes and snipers. The whole experience is unbelievable; if you imagine the scenes at the beginning of the movie "Saving Private Ryan", you will have a good idea what I'm talking about, behold the digital masterpiece of all out offensive war that is Medal of Honour Frontline.

This level fully represents the game in one awesome scene; it showcases the PS2 audio and visual capabilities better than any other level.

Medal of Honor Frontline On PS2 - Reviewed  @
Medal of Honor Frontline On PS2 - Reviewed  @
Medal of Honor Frontline On PS2 - Reviewed  @
Although the other levels do compare they are all different in there own right. The attention to detail in each level is fantastic; the city levels look like they have appeared straight out of a history book. You may use different techniques to tackle each level, you may use the sniper and shoot the enemies from high ground or you may take the more direct route of machine-gunning your way through. The levels are all varied, in one level you will find yourself disguised as a German officer in a giant mansion, another level will have you stowed away on a German U-boat.

The graphics in Medal of Honour are really very good. Characters are modelled beautifully and their uniforms and facial expressions are spot on. Character animation is also very good soldiers will die and fall to the floor in many different ways, if shot in the head some have the strength to bring their hand up to their head to see if they are bleeding before dropping to the ground dramatically. The game does not have any blood content due to age rating this does not matter one bit as the game is so dramatic and real you will not even notice.

With all this action going on you will be asking what the frame rate is like. In the serious action scenes the frame rate does drop slightly especially when the explosions start, but this can be excused, as the game looks so beautiful.

The games artificial intelligence is more of an issue though, the enemy soldiers are by no means the stupidest seen in a videogame but they certainly aren't the brightest. When your enemies clip is empty they will decide to attack you with the butt of their gun or with their fists, "why don't they just reload or run off if they are completely out of bullets". When in the middle of a war people do strange things and maybe this is what desperate and unstable soldiers did during the intense heat of battle. Still the only nag I have with this is that it makes the game easier. Even with the difficulty level turned up the enemy soldiers don't really get any cleverer they just get much tougher to kill.

Medal of Honour does have one aspect that is absolutely perfect, the sound.

Frontline has some of the best music and sound effects of any game on any console or any known gaming format for that matter. Michael Giacchino has composed a score that would be at home in a big Hollywood production. The music underscores the action in the game beautifully, it can be the driving force behind the game at times then it can become very atmospheric in the quieter scenes.

The sound effects are possibly some of the best I have ever heard, the gun shots are incredibly realistic, anyone walking past the room that has Medal of Honour Frontline running could be mistaken that there are barrages of shots being unloaded out of the house window. The vocal acting is also extremely good it pulls you in to the action even more so than the graphics. Even the lips are very closely in sync with the speech.

All the German soldiers speak in German, sometimes you will be able to eavesdrop on the German conversations and subtitles will appear so you can understand what they are saying. The game also supports Dolby Surround Sound so any one with expensive 5 piece Surround Sound equipment will be desperate to show it off to their friends with this game.

There are a couple more technical problems with controls and game length. These are not serious but they are present. Anyone hoping for USB keyboard and mouse support will be disappointed as there isn't any.

There are two different control schemes; one of them uses just one analogue stick for controlling your character the other uses both sticks.

The second set up is definitely the better of the two; it gives you much more control through out the game. You can customise the controls to your own liking but the default setting is pretty good.

The game consists of six missions, each of which is composed of up to four levels. There is a total of 19 levels altogether with each taking around 40 minutes to complete.

Medal of Honour is an excellent game, it's visually impressive and the audio is nothing but outstanding. The attention to detail only increases the overall experience. This is an essential purchase for anyone, even if your not keen on the first person shooter style game, this game will catch you hook line and sinker.

9 out of 10


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