LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
If wrestling is the sport of your choice then Legends of Wrestling II could just be the game for you. We have all seen wrestling games before but this one could just have the edge with some of its fun extras and great ideas. The wrestling game includes U.K greats for you to choose from such as Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki and Mick McManus so that you can play the game as one of your all time greats.

There are also over 65 all time Legends for you to choose from so everyone's favourite wrestlers should be there for you to battle with.

As you begin to start the game you are welcomed into the theme of the game with an introduction showing you clips from the game its self. The game makers have done a very good job of giving you a real American wrestling feel which comes across to you both in some of the awesome music and the style of the game. Your list of game play options on the intro screen include Exhibition mode, Career mode, Tournament mode, Create mode, Shop mode and Theatre mode so the games options are endless with ideas.

As you start playing the game in exhibition mode you are given a list of a large selection of wrestlers. All of these wrestlers have their own special move, which is brought upon you when you highlight the wrestler that you're thinking about using. As well as having the choice of being able to pick your wrestler you can also choose how you want your wrestler to be dressed from a choice of costumes selected by the play station. All game modes give you the option of being able to play two player modes too so that you can wrestle your friend, or even have a tournament and wrestle a number of friends. If its just the one player mode your after though your freedom to choose players is not limited. As well as picking your own player you can also pick the player you wrestle against and as well as that you can even choose one of the wrestlers to be a referee. You can even choose what type of a battle you want to fight in whether it's just a battle in a normal ring or more danagours a cage match. Other battles that you can also undertake also include tag team matches. You can have 6-8 man tag teams which are great fun as well as the famous Battle Royal which is chaos but fun. When the game play begins you get to watch your player walking towards and into the ring just as if you were watching the whole thing on TV. As the wrestlers walk into the ring you really get a feel for the wrestling scene as every wrestler has the own unique style. Another nice feature is that each wrestler has their own theme tune so it is much more life like. The great entrance graphics also show you the crowds cheering and booing to help set the atmosphere. When you begin to fight your objective is to wear down the opponent's power bar by using wrestling moves that are life-like to the moves of real wrestlers. As well as the massive selection of moves you can also grab you opponent, run and spring off the ropes, climb the centre posts for death defying jumps and also climb in and out of the ring which means that any intense battles don't just have to stay in the ring.

In the career mode as you begin your go you are given sixteen boxes to choose from, some of which are locked. The boxes flash at random and depending on which box you select depends on the storyline which your wrestler will follow. This is a nice idea because every game you play is slightly different and it gives more variety to the game. You are led through the game play with many computer images of wrestlers helping to put across the storyline which is good to watch and it involves you more deeply into the game you are playing. For every battle you win you gain belts as trophies and the more battles you win the more chance you are given to unlock new players and better wrestling moves. To show you progress throughout the game there are three meters located at the top of the screen. There's a health meter for each player to determine your health, a motion bar to show when the players are moving and making contact and an excitement meter for those moments when you really get the crowd cheering. As you see in real life wrestling the are also objects spotted in the game which can be used as weapons against other opponents such as steel bats, planks of wood, chairs and guitars.

A nice option in the game is the create mode which allows you to literally make you own players. Choices for your player can be selected from a wide range of features including your wrestlers sex, hair, face scalp hair, clothing, pads, wrist bands, foot wear, gloves, face paint tattoos, entrance gear, glasses, chains and many more. The lists for making your own unique wrestler are endless. As well as all of this another nice feature is being able to select your own players entrance moves and music which again you have a wide selection to choose from, with theme tunes from your all time wrestling greats. As well as all of this you also can choose all of the moves that you want your wrestler to have and if you aren't a massive wrestling fan the game shows you a demonstration of the move you have picked so that you never get confused. Tournament mode gives you the choice of battling in tag team matches or standard matches and you can choose either 6

LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II Reviewed On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com

or 8 man tag teams which means you don't miss out on any of your classic wrestlers. When your players are selected all of the battles are shown on the screen in a table which is easy to follow and could make interesting battles for you to challenge your friends.

Extras that the game has include a shop and theatre mode. As some players and moves are locked then the shop allows you to have an extra chance of unlocking these players. Through out the game you will be awarded coins for winning wrestling matches and you can use the in the shop mode. With coins you can buy new wrestlers, costumes to create your own players, new arenas and cheats such as anti gravity for your player or a speed up. You can also gamble your coins in a gamble mode to try and win more coins or features.

In theatre mode you are given the opportunity to view some of the classic wrestlers in DVD mode. Some of the wrestlers can be viewed in real life giving interviews, which is a nice extra for wrestling fans. You are also given the chance to view concept art and all in all the game is packed with extras not seen before in older wrestling games.

For all wrestling fans this game is a must and as far as wrestling games go this is definitely one of the better ones with all its extras and great music which really gets you into the wrestling theme. Many of the moves in the game are easy to master once you start playing the game and as there are a massive selection of life like moves you can do you wont get bored with this one. The game has a good tutorial which tells you everything you need to know in the game and the camera views always allow you to see what you are doing. A must for wrestling fans!

7 out of 10