JINX Review

Jinx is a colourful, fun 3D adventure game, which is out now on the Play Station. The game comes with colourful, cartoon style graphics and is set in the medieval era, which comes across in the characters clothing and scenes.

In the game Jinx you play the character Jinx, who is a character, which resembles a jester from the medieval era. Jinx lives in a kingdom called Ploog but not all is how it should be in the kingdom. For some reason a nasty powerful spell has been cast over the entire kingdom and this is called the mighty, magical CHAOS HEX spell. The spell has caused all kinds of mehem to

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outbreak all over the kingdom. Traps and pitfalls have sprouted up all over the kingdom and worst of all the king and queens royal court is missing or maybe has been kidnapped? One things for sure though everyone else in the kingdom has turned mad under the influence of the spell Hex and something has to stop this terrible force.

As you begin the game you meet a character called Merkins who is the guardian of the machine and map room. Because the source of this powerful spell is unknown, Merkin has sent three of his helpers out into the kingdom to search for clues, which may reveal the source of the spell Hex.

You begin the game in the map room. In the map room there are six doorways which are all part of the main chamber each of them represents a realm of Ploog. Behind each of these is a gallery containing three wind portals, magical disks that can transport you across to the different realms of Ploog helping you to carry out your quest. You can use these to assist you in rescuing the missing from the kingdom and defy evildoers. All of the doorways to the portals are blocked as a safety device to stop enemies from using them when they shouldn't, but unfortunately this means that you also cannot gain access to them. The only way of reopening these important portals is to acquire magical items which are called Chapter Seals, only with these can you reopen the portals and get on with saving the kingdom. Merkin who wants to do everything he can to help you sets you off on your quest by giving you your first Chapter Seal which enables you to gain access to your first city Mamoo city. Using Mamoo city as your starting point you must set out searching the entire kingdom for more of these Chapter Seals to give you back your freedom to the portals. Wherever you are in the kingdom you can transport yourself back to the map room at any time, which can help you if you get stuck or lost during the game.

When you work your way through the game of Jinx you will see that the smooth graphics and the 3D format of the game make for easy fun game play. The character Jinx is easy to control and more important aspects of the game are explained to you as you get deeper into the game. As you get further and further into the game you will keep coming across signs that Jinx can read. Reading these signs will reveal to you information that will help you complete your missions. The signs will give you clues on ways to get past more difficult tasks and also give you guides on better ways to control your character which are useful. This makes the game more self-explanatory as the game is revealed to you. Throughout the game you will also meet many different characters who will also help you. By pressing a button when you're next to another character will allow you to talk to them and this is displayed on the computer screen as text for you too read.

Music in the game is fun and fits the style of game and game play, which is very colourful and lively. You will control Jinx's character both on land and under water which gives more variety to the game. You can attack other enemies in the game by jumping up into the air and diving down onto them at speed, if this fails though you have a lance to beat off evil characters with. This game is definitely a game for game players of all ages, but may appeal more to slightly younger game players as many of the levels and tasks through out the game are easy to solve and do not take great deals of skill to complete. Jinx is a fun game to play and the more you play the game the more it will grow on you and give you stronger involvement into its story. If you looking for a fun, 3D adventure game that is not as difficult as other adventure games on the market, but addictive then this could be the game for you.

7.5 out of 10