JAK 3 - Review PS2

JAK 3 - Review PS2

I'm a bit late with this review of Jak 3, I've been away in the Peak District, the scenery is very nice at this time of year and its a very relaxing place to be unlike this game. Does this game irritate or what restart restart where is the restart button, find it because you'll need it.

I just can't get my head round what it wants to be, is it a platformer or action/adventure or both. Like Jak 2 the game has no levels as such but interconnecting missions GTA style, but you will get tired of the checkpoint races they will annoy you.

Jak 3's biggest selling point has to be the number of vehicles on offer powerful dune buggies to travel and to race in through the vast desert landscapes to jet bikes, hangliders, jetboards and mech suits and war droids. All these vehicles will increase the fun factor of this game.

Again as before Jak can get rid of anyone who gets in his way with the weapons at his disposal, which can all be upgraded throughout the game. Overall the games environments are massive and there are loads of missions to pursue, the plot and cut scenes are impressive and the controls are tight. The trouble is its much the same again as its two previous outings, so it is ultimately disappointing.



Lots of missions to get through and keep you occupied but can irritate


Impressive, good to look at and vast landscapes


You will be travelling around the vast cities for a while

8 out of 10 but Jak's showing his age

  JAK 3 - Review PS2
JAK 3 - Review PS2
JAK 3 - Review PS2


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