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Jak II PS2 Review

Jak and Daxter are back in Naughty Dog's sequel Jak II which builds on the solid gameplay of the original with a more complex story line equally by huge expansive levels that will offer many routes through the game which in turn offers a great gameplay experience.

Jak II takes place in a huge seamless world where you can wonder around freely, so if you can see a location you can more than likely get there if you wish. As you roam around you will notice Jak II is both mission and story driven, which is similar to Insomniacs Ratchet and Clank. JakII has obviously taken some pointers from the recent GTA games as the cities look to have taken some heavy influence from GTA's style, although everything in Jak II looks far more futuristic. This city is run by a corrupt Barron, who runs the city and its inhabitants by fear of the Crimson Guard. The city features night/day time transitions, loads of characters walking the streets and futuristic traffic that consist of hovering vehicles. The best feature of Jak II has to be the gameplay the takes part in this wonderful city, you will see Jak shooting, racing and exploring his way through the challenge that awaits.

All these elements come naturally too, just as in GTA Jak can hijack any vehicle on the street and then drive it. You can also race the vehicle or just wreck it should you want to or not. All the vehicles are unique featuring their own set of physics and levels of strength etc. So some cars will take more of a pounding than others. Some of the vehicles even have weapons, such are the Crimson Guard' police vehicles which you can hijack and blast the Guards with their own weapons. If your vehicle has taken too much punishment it will promptly set of fire and explode, you must exit the vehicle before this happens, for obvious reasons.

Racing in Jak II offers some great fun, you can if you like just hijack a car and drive like a mad man though the streets, this is a great way to explore the city and find places that you might not have known about or been to before. You can also drive around shooting up the guards, which in turn will set off an alarm and alert loads of guards to your presence. Fortunately Jak is fast enough to outrun the hordes of chasing guards. Alternately you may enter races that appear throughout the game fairly regularly, you will notice posters all round the city advertising the next big pair up of racers.

Games - Jak II PS2 Review
Games - Jak II PS2 Review
Games - Jak II PS2 Review
Games - Jak II PS2 Review

Graphically Jak II is a similar pedigree of Ratchet and Clank and the style of Jak II is also very reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank. From the original Jak and Daxter there have been some real improvements in the polygon count, including Jak and Daxter themselves, featuring improved detail and new idle animations. The sheer size of the levels dwarf the previous versions efforts, Jak II is a graphical masterpiece in it own right.

In short Jak II is a great game, but there is so much more to it, the city is a real treat offering amazing visuals. It is the gameplay that really makes Jak II a great game; it's a completely different animal to any other platform game you will have ever played. With all the variation of the racing, shooting, exploring and killing missions in sure Jak II will be an instant hit.

8.5 out of 10

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