ISS2 (International Superstar Soccer 2)  
ISS2 (International Superstar Soccer 2) On Playstation

Konami release a new football game.

You may be thinking how any football game could be in any way better than Konami's fantastic master-piece Pro Evolution Soccer. The answer to your question is unfortunately nothing is yet. Although the main reason for one of our favourite gaming houses almost backtracking in the ISS story is they wanted to put the classic arcade version into the console realm.

ISS2 has unfortunately come at a bad time. Pro Evolution has already set a very high standard, and has been around for quite some time now. We can only expect progress in game developments. Unfortunately this release feels more like a step backwards.

One of the down sides of the game is the "in game player selection". When defending, you need to be able to select the defender nearest the ball. Unfortunately when you press the L1 button to change to the nearest player, you will experience a delay which is so long you will have pressed the L1 button many times (thinking it hasn't worked) only to find you have selected past the intended defender, and on to another less useful defender. Without complete control over your defence, it is very difficult to immerse yourself in the game without launching your controller across the room.

Another small, but slightly annoying element of the game is the sound effect that the ball makes when you kick it. It sounds like a damp squib every-time; even if you blast the ball as hard as possible the noise created is the same un-inspiring "duh"

PES has gone for the hard-core simulation which is very effective because you can play it in any style you that like, boot the ball up the field or build up an attack through quality passing and crosses.

However the animation in the game is great, when you whack the ball the player animation is very "over the top" which is amusing.

Also, lots of effort has gone into recreating the models of star footballers such as David Beckham, Edgar Davids and David Seaman.

One nice touch in the game is the Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson commentary; they actually seem to know what they are talking about most of the time.

The two player game is much more entertaining than the single player mode, when you are both in the full flow you will be shouting obscenities at your friend for scoring such a lucky goal and giving away that penalty in the 89th minute.

This game does outshine most other footy games because it has depth. For example you can't "do a FIFA", run single handed from one end of the field to the other end and slot the ball straight into the net or, shoot from the same place every time to score a guaranteed goal.

Attacks must be unique, if you try the same move again it more than likely wont work and you will be left scratching your head.

For the people who want an instant and attractive football game this could be for you, but remember this is the little brother of the coolest most righteous dude in town.


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