IndyCar Series Review

IndyCar Series

To be honest i'm not really familiar with the world of racing in general and have never really been a big fan. However some time ago I was given my first taste of indycar and was drawn in by the incredible speeds at which the cars travel.

So when I heard that Codemasters were releasing a version of Indycar on Playstation 2 I was excited to see the result. Midway had released a version previous of which I was slightly disappointed with.The game offers various options in which to play, a single quick race, an Indy Championship season, or a multiplayer game with up to two players.The game also allows players to choose the number of laps, depending on how much time you have on your hands you can race a full race (200 laps) or a half or even a quarter race. The game can also be modified to suit your abilities by making the game a little more challenging or a little easier. The game also offers various bonuses to be unlocked such as movies or pictures by winning races and qualifying in certain places.

PS2 - IndyCar Series Review

The game offers a tutorial delivered by Eddie Cheever Jr. in which he takes you through various important game factors such as gear changing and vehicle tuning e.g. engine and height etc, you will find that there is a lot of fine tuning to be done and using the process of trial and improvement you can get the car running how you like it.

A good feature of this game is that you can choose either and arcade style or a more realistic game. The Arcade style allows players to ignore the need for pit stops etc and simply experience the sheer speeds at which you travel. If you then want a more realistic game you can enter the championship mode bringing the player the full challenge of Indycar complete with wreckages and realistic damage and needing to pit often to avoid a blown tire or engine.

The game does well in capturing the speeds of Indycar, the cars will glide round the track at speeds of over 220mph with the landscape becoming a blur and one tweak on the wheel can send you hurtling into a wall and out of a race. The games replays are also impressive as they help to capture the speed from multiple camera angles.Graphically, Indycar looks good in the car modelling and movement department, the cars are well detailed especially when looked at from the replay. The tracks surrounding landscape, however looks a little rough and the occasional billboard doesn’t really go very far in adding to the realism off the track, this however I think can be overlooked although I the game does reminisce of the early PS2 racing sims rather basic.

The sound in the game isn’t bad either, the cars make their usual high-pitched whining and you can also hear the crowd cheer as you fly by. There is also music that plays that consists of rock and relaxing musical pieces which may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it does become slightly annoying after a while.Indycar is overall a fun game to play and does well in portraying the incredible speeds that make Indycar so exciting and I think can appeal to wide range of racing gamers from lovers of arcade racers to realistic racers sims, Indycar can satisfy a range of racing gamer with speed, good visuals, good game play and a mixture of a realistic racer and one played mainly for fun.

6 out of 10