Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Review PlayStation 2

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Review PlayStation 2
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Review PlayStation 2

Ghost in the Shell was originally a Japanese cartoon that did well in both the US and Japan . Since the cartoons incarnation in the mid nineties there has been one Ghost in the Shell conversion to the PSOne. The cartoon is perfect for game implementation as its all action which features loads of robots and gunfire.

You will play a cyborg by the name of Motoko Kusunagi who is public security agent for Public Security Section 9 which is a rescue team who also has the job of combating terrorism. Motoko is a specialist is in the acrobatic department. This means she is extremely nimble and she can jump large distances. During the game you will also play another cyborg called Batou. He is completely the opposite of Motoko, much bigger and stronger but slower and far less nimble, but for his weaknesses he has great strength which enables him to carry lots of heavy duty firepower.

The plot isn't that great and to be honest it's a little tricky to keep track of so ill get straight to the gameplay. Ghost in the Shell is a first person based platform game with its main focus on combat.

Firstly I will start with Motoko, she can fire weapons take on hand to hand combat and as she is an acrobat she can jump of walls and pull of loads of acrobatic and flighty moves. The hand to hand combat is made simple as, one button smashing commences as soon as you run into the enemy. Some of the other levels you will encounter while playing Motoko will be puzzle based which always revolve around jumping. These levels can get a little annoying as its all about precision. Batou on the other hand couldn't jump over a match box so his puzzle levels are all maze based. Otherwise Batou is all about attacking and gun fire.

The other big part of Ghost in the Shell is hacking. Hacking is done by walking up to a computer and pressing X. the main advantage of hacking is the ability to take control of some enemy Cyborgs. To do this you must complete a mini game which involves matching up spinning discs. As you progress through the game the spinning disc mini game becomes increasingly difficult, to a point where you will forget about hacking and just blast your way through the levels.

Graphically Ghost in the Shell is very nice looking game and it still keeps the style of its comic book origins. It does however leave out the crowded streets and everything looks a little empty like a ghost town. Overall, Ghost in the Shell looks a touch bland and the empty spaces which you will be playing in can be completely featureless. The one redeeming factor is that character animations which are very good indeed.

The sound also has its good points and bad points. The voice acting is very good, probably because the cast of the new TV series have handled this. The bad part is the sound track which is probably one of the worst sound tracks ever to hit a video game in recent times.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is pretty good but certain aspects have let it down. If you are one to get annoyed at jumping scenes in platform games you should probably stay away as the puzzles you play with Motoko can be extremely frustrating. Otherwise Ghost in the Shell isn't such a bad game; it just doesn't hit the nail on the head.

6.5 out of 10


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