PlayStation Launches

BAFTA award winner Nick Hamm To Direct

Today sees the launch of the fourtwentyfive TV channel (, brought to you by PlayStation . The channel is an online only broadcast from 4:25pm to 4:35pm and is the brainchild of creative agency Greenroom Digital.

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The idea behind the site is to ease the tedium at the most boring and lowest part of the working day - 4:25pm. The site broadcasts each day for only ten minutes and aims to be a fun ‘holiday for the mind’.

Rather than create a generic website displaying PlayStation’s TV advertising, Greenroom’s aim was to push the technological and creative scope of the project and deliver a unique online event. An event that is as much a celebration of the PlayStation brand as it is an opportunity to alleviate the boredom of the working day.

Stefan Shaw, creative Head, Greenroom, adds, “As a creative agency you dream of clients like PlayStation that are excited about challenging the perceptions of the online media. This project represents a massive push on PlayStation’s behalf to use online to increase its brand value. This is a ‘did-you-see’ campaign and as a result accrues massive word-of-mouth brand benefit”.

The content of the site features advertising created by TBWA and bespoke programming created by Greenroom Digital. This programming includes a day in the life of a Helghast soldier, the star of the Killzone game. Nick Hamm, the BAFTA award-winning director whose recent features include The Hole and Godsend, directed this section of the programme.

Nick Hamm comments, “to me this is the future, existing platforms of distribution are changing and this project represents the vanguard of digital distribution, a place that, as a company, Greenroom has always intended to be”.

The site also features music by the band Outl4w, one of XFM’s Rock School competition winners. The four-piece band, which has an average age of 13, impressed PlayStation with its fantastically energetic and unique rock sound.

Andy Reynolds, Online Product Manager at PlayStation, says, “ is a fantastic creative idea by Greenroom and fits perfectly with the PlayStation brand and how our customer’s want to be entertained. Direction from Nick Hamm and music input from Outl4w is truly the icing on the cake for me ”.

Visit the site today, or any day, at 4:25pm -