Game Overview:

The FINAL FANTASY series has sold over 31 million copies worldwide and has been acclaimed by critics and gamers alike for pushing the boundaries of gameplay, graphics, sound, and story. Utilising the graphic and performance capabilities of the PlayStation®2, FINAL FANTASY X is one of the most highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation2 and is expected to be another milestone for the RPG genre.

Final Fantasy X immerses the player into the world of Spira, a mythical land where technology has been shunned in favour of the inhabitant's main obsessions, the Yevon faith and Blitzball (an underwater fusion of water polo and martial arts).

Spira is under constant threat from a mysterious evil entity known as 'Sin'. This sinister force periodically returns to cause havoc and devastation causing utter panic and terror for Spira's inhabitants. Only the 'last Summoning' (a power only possessed by Summoners) can ultimately defeat Sin.

Throughout Final Fantasy X, you must control the actions of multiple characters whose destinies are inextricably linked. The lead character Tidus (the star player of the Zanark and Abes Blitzball team) is sucked into the Sin entity when it attacks Zanarkand during a major Blitzball game, and the epic Final Fantasy X tale begins…

Voice-overs will be featured for the first time in the series, utilising the "Facial Motion System."

Characters will be able to rotate in and out of the party even in the heat of battle, allowing a "tag team" approach to fighting.

Exclusive to PlayStation2

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FINAL FANTASY X PlayStation®2 @
FINAL FANTASY X PlayStation®2 @
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