Final Fantasy X 2

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Final Fantasy X 2 Review PS2

Here is the second Final Fantasy game to hit the Playstation 2, the first one, Final Fantasy X was a great game and it a little different to any of the previous games in the series. So far the series has stuck to a couple of rules, each game contained a unique setting, plot and set of characters. This time round some of these rules have been broken the story is a continuation of Final Fantasy X which basically makes it a sequel and you will see some familiar characters.

Final Fantasy X saw the defeat of Sin and everyone lived happily ever after, well we thought they would but here the story continues. Yuna has become a pop star and everything looks hunky-dory, but there is an underlying threat that could turn nasty at any point. There is competition between rival factions vying to bring Spira's new era under their own control. Yuna teams up with Rikku and Paine to form the Gullwings who are a team of sphere hunters. So the three set off in order to find some spheres; which are some kind of recording device that hold the history of the world. Unfortunately the Gullwings are in

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for a tough time as everyone is trying to find these spheres and as you might expect as the story unfolds it becomes apparent that whole world is in danger.

Final Fantasy X 2 is slightly different to most RPG's, you will find that from the very start of the game you will have access to virtually every single area of the game. There are five main areas or chapters. So you can complete chapters in which ever you like, and once you are in a chapter you will only have to complete a couple of missions to progress to the next chapter. You can also miss the sub missions if you like but you will miss out on some important parts of the story line and a few items. But the good thing is that every area that relates to the story line has a hotspot label attached so you generally know what you are going to get before entering a particular area.

The battle system in Final Fantasy X 2 is a bit different from the previous game, all the fights had a very steady pace. This time round battles can actually flow because everything moves so much faster. You can even pull of some nice combo moves with a combination of spells and moves. When you do pull a combo, which is basically a couple of moves within a couple of seconds, you will notice a combo indicator pop up along with a decent bonus. The one thing that makes this combat system good is also its Achilles heal, as the battles can move at such a speed you can loose track of everything. The good thing is that all this does add to the game play experience and battles are mode a little more interesting.

The game play in Final Fantasy X 2 revolves around a job system that lets you learn new skills while in the job. The jobs themselves take the form of new costumes. To get new jobs you will have to collect dress spheres that you will find throughout Spira. Each of the three characters can switch to any job at any time, even during battle, so if you want to use a certain ability you can do this mid battle. Some of the jobs are more useful than others so you will probably spend more time with warriors than any of the other, but a good selection of all jobs powered up can give you team a lot of variety.

Graphically Final Fantasy X 2 is very similar to Final Fantasy X. Some of the characters have had make over in both looks and animation, which will not go a miss. The most disappointing aspect of the graphics is the reuse of Final Fantasy X's backgrounds, some have been pulled directly from the old game and stuffed into X 2. This time there are far less FMV sequences, which for me is a good thing as Final Fantasy X did drag on too uch at times. It is almost as though things have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous though, because the only real FMV sequence you are likely to see before the end of the game is the intro. If you liked the FMV aspect of Final Fantasy X you will be a bit disappointed about this but the game does flow far better without them.

The sound in X 2 is very good, especially the voice acting, it all seems to be of the same high standard are X. Unlike the backgrounds, the sound track in X 2 is new and very good to boot. The music ranges from light floaty stuff to the serious and slightly macabre.

Final Fantasy X 2 is a good attempt at a sequel to Final Fantasy X but it doesn't feel quite as cohesive as the original. Final Fantasy X 2 does move at a faster rate with a reduced number of FMV scenes and the new fighting system. It is nice to see that Square have made a sequel and brought back some of the characters from Final Fantasy X. Anyone who is a fan of RPG's and Final Fantasy X in particular you can buy with confidence.

8.5 out of 10

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