The History of Final Fantasy    
The History of Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy: Nintendo Entertainment System: 1987

Final Fantasy was the brainchild of Hironobu Sakaguchi, first appearing on the NES.

As the NES was an 8-bit console with only a tiny fraction of the capabilities if the PS2 console, it had a limited storage capacity and wasn't ideal for role playing games.

The very first Final Fantasy was also going to be the last. Sakaguchi was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the game development, which is why the game was named Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi was planning to quite the industry as soon as it was released.

When the game was released in Japan Final Fantasy was an enormous success, Sakaguchi, rejuvenated started work on the sequel.

Final Fantasy II: Nintendo Entertainment System: 1988

The second instalment was released one year after to enjoy even greater success. This was still localised and the Western games markets was yet untouched apart from a handful of hard core Japanese speaking gamers with Japanese grey imported copies and machines.

An English version of the game was close to completion, but memory sizes available for the system halted any possibility of it ever being released in the UK or US.

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Final Fantasy III: Nintendo Entertainment System: 1990

The third version of FF never made it to the shores of the Western world, one year later though the Westerners where going to be in for a taste of what had captured the hearts and thumbs of the Japanese.

The 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System unleashed a new world of possibilities for the games designers. The SNES had more colours, higher resolution, better sounds, but most importantly more memory space.

Final Fantasy IV: Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1991

The first Final Fantasy on the SNES and the first to reach a worldwide audience.

Final Fantasy V: Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1992

Final Fantasy VI: Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1994

This would be the last Final Fantasy on the SNES. Sony's Monster 32-bit console the Playstation was ready to join the Sega and Nintendo race.

Final Fantasy VII: Playstation: 1997

This was the dawn of a new era for the role playing game.

Audiences marvelled at the full motion video cinematics, the new storage medium of the CD meant that there where no longer any worries about storage capacity.

Final Fantasy now had a mainstream audience, with this came celebrity status for the development team.

Final Fantasy VIII: Playstation: 1999

Fanatical gamers and TV crews camped outside Square's HQ hoping to catch a glimpse of the team and speculating over the impending release. They weren't disappointed.

Final Fantasy IX: Playstation: 2000

This was to be the last release one the Playstation, the UK public eagerly awaited stock of the Playstation 2 - 128 bits of sleek, black, DVD based next generation console.

The Playstation 2 is also compatible with games of the earlier Playstation format, and Final Fantasy IX successfully bridged the gap to the new format.

Final Fantasy X: Playstation 2: 2002

The game was released on Friday the 24th of May 2002 in the UK. It has already shipped over 3 million units in Japan and over 1.5 million in the US, making it one of the most successful Playstation 2 games to date.