FIFA Street

FIFA Street - Review PlayStation 2

FIFA Street - Review PlayStation 2

Soon after the release of NBA Street V3 comes, the release of FIFA Street which is in much the same vein of all the street games. Rather than regular playing fields you have urban settings with moves that are way over the top. If you imagine the super stylised Nike advert on the oil rig you will have a very good idea of what FIFA Street aims to do.

When you start FIFA Street , (as with all of the street games) you will be encouraged to create your own personalised player. You don't get so many options to go at, but you can make you player resemble some of the football greats if you are willing to spend a bit of time on it. Once you have done this you will have some cash to spend on your player's skills which include but not limited to speed, tricks and shot power.

One of the biggest differences between FIFA Street and normal footy games is the number of players, FIFA Street is four on four knock about. There are two options for the game, you can

  FIFA Street - Review PlayStation 2

play the traditional style, the team with the best score at the end of the game is the winner, or you can play the game in a different way, first team to score 6 goals for example. In the second example games can be very short as scoring isn't exactly difficult and there are no stoppages when a goal is scored, a goal kick is all that is required.

One of the main attractions to FIFA Street is to emulate the tricks of superstar players from the Nike and Adidas adverts. Unfortunately it is the actual game of football that is in the most disrepair. One of the most important elements of football is to track back and protect your goal. unfortunately this isn't the case here. Players are slow to respond or don't even respond to a counter attack. This in itself is a huge flaw for any football game but it gets worse. The players are so low on intelligence that you will have to try and control the whole team one by one. If you leave a player unattended you will probably see that he is standing there with his legs wide apart just waiting for the opponent to nutmeg him. It gets worse still, at times you can be controlling a player and the game will change your player for you, without any warning. What the reason for this is I don't know, but surely someone in testing should have spotted such a glaring fault. Admittedly all of these flaws tend to be defence orientated, the attacking play is hugely focused on trick moves and scoring goals.

When you have the ball it enables you to do some pretty cool moves and link multiple moves together. If you perform well and pull of loads of combos you will be rewarded with plenty of credits to improve your player, give him additional skills and increase you chances of scoring. The third of these “improvements” gives your player a distinctly larger chance of scoring if the shot is taken at the end of a combo. This can cause ridiculously soft goals. Rather than improving your striker's skills, this system seems to reduce the skill level of the opposing goal keeper. So if you shot is distinctly weak you will probably still score as the goal keeper will fumble around and let in incredibly soft goals. Unfortunately this becomes common place and your skills needed to score are virtually non existent due to the complete incompetence of the opposing keeper.

FIFA Street is a fast game and one of the main attractions is the great looking goals that can be scored. But EA seems to have replaced realism with style. If you imagine playing a basketball game the ball appears stuck to the player until you decided to pass or shoot. FIFA Street seems to have acquired this trait which works well in basketball but it certainly doesn't work in football. You will notice that the ball seems to be glued to the player's feet at all times until you come to make a pass or shoot.

The one redeeming feature of FIFA Street has to be the fun aspect of playing the game. Lots of people will love the “way out” moves and the combos. However you can't have a serious game as the goal keepers will always let the side down and the defensive play seems to have come from the ice age. But there is great pick up and play potential here for a quick kick about now and again.

Unfortunately FIFA Street doesn't make the grade as a football game but it can provide a few laughs between friends. It's a great idea that could certainly work far better that NFL Street and possibly even better than NBA Street . The problem is FIFA Street is very much lacking in the football department. Maybe they should start with the FIFA game and give that a few way-out moves and combo systems and then stick the FIFA Street badge on it. It certainly would be more “football” than “street”.

6.0 out of 10


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