Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four - Review PS2 - Activision

Fantastic Four - Review PS2 - Activision

Fantastic Four - Review PS2 - Activision

Although games based upon successful comic book franchises have traditionally failed to impress, Activisions most recent attempt at bringing the Fantastic Four into the game environment does have a certain appeal. Obviously the game has been brought out in conjunction with the new movie. This does raise certain concerns as to how much time has been spent on producing a quality game and how much the makers have had to rush the title through to please the filmmakers. Fantastic Four is however a pleasant surprise.

The game itself follows the antics of the four main characters Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm. All four have the same powers that were displayed in the Marvel comic book series of the same name. The storyline of the game sees the Fab Four endeavouring to help Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, revert back to his human appearance. Using their super human abilities, the team battle their way through numerous levels fighting all kinds of weird and wonderful baddies. Some levels see all four teaming up whereas others see individuals having to fend for themselves.

As you progress through the game, our heroes abilities are upgraded giving rise to some serious butt kicking action. When all four team mates are on screen, you can switch between them depending on what the circumstance is asking of you. This keeps the player interested and adds a nice touch to the game play. The true beauty found within Fantastic Four is the graphics. The animation of the characters is exceptional and the effects used when special moves are undertaken are truly commendable.

Although there are obvious strokes of brilliance within the game, the faults are too blatant to ignore. The levels are short and very simple to complete, even on the hardest setting. Dodgy camera angles are litter each level, which leads to a certain amount of screaming at the screen and with the terrible cut scenes aplenty, forcing you to turn the PS2 back on ends up with a severely quivering finger floating above the on button.

Movie games generally suck. Fact. Fantastic Four is fun but I would advise spending your money on a more worthwhile product, like the original comics.

6 out of 10


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