Grand Prix Challenge Review

Grand Prix Challenge Review On PS2

As a genre, driving games tend to fall into one of three categories:

1) The (usually) beautifully crafted, keep you entertained for

months/years type sports car challenge racer a' la Gran Turismo, Colin Macrae etc.

2) The Drive n' Shoot em up, basically an action game with a varying amount of high speed, thrill and spill chasing as in James Bond or GTA

3) And …Formula…One…(yawn), where you…(yawn) drive…round…a…track…lots…and…(yawn)…lots…and…lots


Guess where Grand Prix challenge on PS2 fits in? I'll give you three guesses (and the first two don't count).

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O.K, I am perhaps being a little unfair, but in a corner of the market where surely one game is sufficient, there are many. This means that any new release must either be outstanding in its game play, presentation or features or it must be in possession of something new that none of the others have.

Unfortunately, GPC is neither, there's nothing WRONG with the game, the graphics are clear, precise and realistic, you've got a two player, split screen mode(which is fun), the gameplay and handling of the car is manageable with a good learning curve (the beginner level even does the braking for you!). All the tracks teams and drivers from this year's championship are present and are all accurate with good relative abilities.

What's my problem then, I hear you ask. Well, I could've been describing any Formula One game i.e. F1 2002, Formula 1 2002, F1 Racing Championship,

(I mean, even the titles are unoriginal!) GPC does everything the others do without being outstanding in any one department, if there were no other games of this type on the market, I would make this a must have, but as it is, this game will never leap from the shelf or magazine and scream "BUY ME!!!" at you. And then, it's very much down to personal preference, I have yet to find two gamers who agree on which is the best F1 game.

In fields where the competition is sparse on the PS2 such as rugby or cricket, it's easy to create a substandard game and get away with it, (I'm looking at you, EA Sports!). But in the dog eat dog world of Soccer or F1 games, create something less than spectacular and you're in the bargain bin faster than you can say "Murray Walker".

F1 nuts will probably love it, however for the rest of the human race who want the really good driving sim, I've got three words for you:


6.5 out of 10