Everquest Online Adventures

PS2 - Everquest Online Adventures Review PS2
Everquest Online Adventures Review PS2
Everquest was first released on the PC a few years back it was the biggest, best looking online adventure game of its time. With the ability to select different races and classes of characters thousands got addicted to Everquest's unique game play. Now Sony have decided to bring the successful Everquest to the PS2 in Everquest Online Adventures.

Everquest Online Adventures must be played online so you will need a PS2 Ethernet adapter, connection to the internet (high speed connection is ideal) and once you have bought your copy of Everquest Online Adventures and used the 30 day free trail you will have to pay a subscription to play there onwards. As you can see there is a large setup cost for Everquest Online Adventures but the good news is that you will easily get over one month worth of playability out of the game itself so you could see it as good value. Everquest Online Adventures is will not be everyone's bag so.

Once you have setup your internet account, decided what race and class your character will be, and made your character look how you want him or her to and then added some attributes to your character such as strength and given your character a name you are eventually set to start playing Everquest Online Adventures. Deciding which character you will be at the beginning of Everquest Online Adventures will basically determine the game from there on.

The only problem this produces is that later in the game you may find that some characters are more powerful than you later in the game. This has its good and bad points, the bad point is that you may not be as powerful as you would have liked.

PS2 - Everquest Online Adventures Review PS2
PS2 - Everquest Online Adventures Review PS2
PS2 - Everquest Online Adventures Review PS2

The good point is that it will encourage you to team up with other characters that are stringer in certain areas than your own character. This is the real basis of the game, to team up with other characters to hunt and slay monsters, earn experience points and find treasure along the way. This then has a direct relation on the strength of your character and the game will challenge the stronger characters as the game proceeds.

The main focus of Everquest is the ability to team up with other players along your adventures but this isn't as easy as you may have first thought, especially when you are a new lone player. To request to join a hunting group is made easier as you will be able to see a list of players in the vicinity and ask them directly if you can join there group or if someone will join forces with yourself.

The control pad for the PS2 does a very good job of letting you play Everquest without too much hassle, thing will be made much easier if you have a USB keyboard so you can communicate with other players far more easily. Once you have joined a group you will still need to reply to messages promptly. If you stick it out with the control pad you may find you will get you messages across too slowly, especially in the midst of battle when communication is essential.

Fighting in Everquest is a turn based affair, if there is a group of you, you will each take it in turn to have a slash as the monster and the monster will usually go for the weakest member of the team, often though that character will probably have the deadliest attack. In this case the healers must work very hard to keep the weakest character from dying and the melee classes must work hard keep the enemies focus on them. There is a sweet spot when fighting, you will find a distance that will let you unleash you attack perfectly and take as little damage as possible on the retaliation. If you are hunting alone it is a pretty boring affair, you will attack the monster and the monster will attack you. You can use recovery items or spells to regain your hit points. Should you dye you will loose money and you experience points will accrue experience debt, this means your experience points will increase much slower than normal for a while.

Everquest Online Adventures does have one thing missing that the PC version of the game included. The trades and crafts of each player, this was a great piece of thinking because for some it could take the emphasis off fighting and on to trading goods like armour and food etc. This could be a good earner for characters who where good at these trades, plus it was a nice little earner on the side. Unfortunately the PS2 version doesn't have this so the game does revolve around fighting and teaming up with other characters. The good thing is that the combat system is very solid and it should be because this is the main part of the game not to mention the only real part of the game.

Some people may find Everquest Online Adventures boring, especially if you have never played this sort of game in the past. Seasoned players may find Everquest on the PS2 quite refreshing because of its simplicity and the speed of play which is much faster than the original PC version and other games of its type. If people do give it a chance they might find themselves falling into the whole social hunting system and getting hooked. You will not get anything from Everquest Online Adventures shirt term, but long term and with a lot of time and effort playing with others it will excel and reward for all the hours spent in front of the TV.

8.0 out of 10

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