Ever Blue On PS2
Ever Blue On PS2

Capcom are better known for their Street Fighter and Resident Evil series, these titles are violent, very playable and very fast paced. Everblue on the other hand is a complete contrast, putting you in the role of a scuba diver swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea off the coast of a sunny island.

You play Leo. A novice diver who is searching for the same treasure his friend set out to find 15 year ago (his friend never returned). Leo is accompanied on the dive by his diving buddy Marco. The local diving Pro Cao, also has his mind set on diving for the treasure, hidden somewhere among the numerous shipwrecks around the island.It's a pretty simple idea really; you start the game with very basic equipment.

You need to dive to find treasure, you then sell your treasure to the locals to upgrade your diving equipment. This means you can dive deeper for longer periods of time, and also carry more treasure back to the surface. The locals may give you small tasks to carry out in return for "handy hints", information on some of the shipwrecks and or tokens of appreciation.

The game is split into two distinct areas. When you are on land all you see is a picture of the docks or town (where ever you may be) with some small people dotted around in the picture. To talk to these people you move a cursor over the person you wish to speak to, and a small dialogue box will appear with what they have to say.

If you need to move into a different area of town you click on a labelled arrow at the side of the picture. To be honest I was expecting this section to be in nice 3D graphics, but unfortunately you are presented with a terrible point at the picture style navigation. "I thought this type of thing died off with the 8-bit gaming era."

The second area of the game is based under water in full 3D, when swimming around algae float by in the tied, and the graphics aren't too bad. Although they do remain pretty basic, and even the shipwrecks aren't anything to get excited about.

The sound is very basic too, but it does the job. When on land, you will hear music and the sound of people talking. Underwater, you will hear Leo breathing. If you're in intense section of the game, some mood music will kick in, but that's it….

The controls are simple; when you're on land it's a matter of point at something and press the button. Underwater you use the two analogue sticks to control your movement, the R1 button activates sonar (this will flash red when nothing is detected, and green when there is treasure in the vicinity). The sonar gives sound signals too, the closer you get to treasure the faster the sonar will bleep.

Everblue definitely digresses from Capcom's usual line of great, addictive and undoubtedly classic games such as Street Fighter, the Resident Evil's, Maximo and of course Devil May Cry.

To be fair, jumping into the sea and searching around for hours isn't really my idea of fun. But still this game didn't excite me in the slightest; in fact I almost fell asleep while playing. Unfortunately the only people I can imagine really liking this game are divers. And it may be even too mundane for them.


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