EVERBLUE 2 reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com
EVERBLUE 2 reviewed on PS2
Welcome to a diver's dreamland. The clear transparent blue of the Caribbean, a place that entices adventures with a beautiful coral reef and tales of the Bermuda Triangle. Set off on an epic journey across the emerald blue ocean. Solve the mystery surrounding a missing sacred monument and the return of the ancient pirate legend. Welcome to Everblue 2.

Nearly a year has passed since the adventure on Daeuals Island. Leanarde Delfino and his partner Zuecho, sail the Caribbean in search of a mysterious treasure. An ancient stone marker, buried on the sea floor, slumbering in wait for someone to discover it. Just as the two begin their search their boat Flaco 2 is beset by a tremendous storm. As if unsatisfied with mercilessly smashing their boat, the angry sea sweeps Zuccho away as well. Leaving their equipment behind Leo rescues his friend. The two somehow manage to swim to a near by island. The small island is called Valentir. It is a beautiful Caribbean island with a population of 24000. Unbeknownst to Leo, an unforgettable adventure awaits his arrival there…

EVERBLUE 2 reviewed on PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com

In the game Everblue 2 on the playstation 2 as you start gameplay you play a character called Leo who is a skilled diver. Through out the game you will find yourself taking Leo on an adventure to explore the ocean for hidden treasures, sunken ships and exotic marine life. When you're not in the water you can interact with many of the different islanders, trade bounty and uncover the myths to the location of the hidden treasures.

As you begin to play the game you will find that the game is slightly different to what you may have been expecting. Rather than being able to see the character Leo as you first may expect you control a hand icon and throughout the game everything that you can see is through the eyes of your character Leo. Using a hand icon to play a game like this isn't found very often, which makes this game unique but the idea is very effective and easy to use once you get into the swing of the game. You have to lead your character, through out the game, using the hand icon until you go diving and even then controlling you character is fairly slow but don't let this put you off the game at a first glance. Everblue 2 is an adventure game or an RPG role-playing game so don't be put off by first impressions. You start off on land and by pointing the hand icon at different things you see through Leo's eyes determines how your adventure may go. On the screen as you start you get the view of a beach with various people stood around and an arrow leading off to a near by town. When you point your hand icon on a person and select them you are given the option to talk to them. In the game the characters don't speak out loud to you their words are given to you in the form of text on the screen in a speech bubble. When you talk to different people you will find that the whole story to the game is revealed bit by bit as every character will give you more information about the game as well as helping to describe the games controls and options. As well as this you can determine the outcome of the answers you give back to each character as you are given a list of answers to choose from. The first characters you meet give you instructions on how to control your character when you dive in water, but this is not hard to fathom out. You are told to control Leo under water you have to use the analogue sticks on the joypad and you will find yourself soon coming to grips with the controls. As you swim under water everything you can see is through the eyes of Leo and on the screen layout you are given a compass, depth gauge and an air meter bar. By pressing the start button you can get up a map of the area that you are diving in which is a map of the Valentir sea area, this will help you a lot in determining the position of Leo. When you are under water you can swim your player around and at first you have to search for objects like coins or dogtags which you can, later on, sell for money to help you get further into the game. You search for objects by using a sonar radar, which is activated by pressing L1 on the joypad. You can determine whether the radar searches for glass or metals by adjusting its settings. This radar sounds when your player is above an object that may be of interest but don't be greedy because you can only hold three items in you bag at once and then you have to return to land unless you need to get more air first. Its not just only on the sea bed where you have to search for treasure there are also shipwrecks to explore and plane wrecks. Watch out for booby traps though, which are hidden amongst the ships and watch for sharks that attack unsuspecting divers. Under water and throughout the game whenever you press circle button a basic menu appears and by using this you can resurface back to the ground level to carry on with your adventure.

Once you have begun to explore the Valentir Sea and think you have found three worthy items it is time to take them back on land. Back on land you will find that you can lead Leo around the beach and into the town area. Here you can talk to many different people, read posters and by pointing the hand icon on the graphic you want explaining and pressing the button all you need to know will be told to you on the screen.

In the town near to the beach you can take any items to the appraisal office where you can have them valued and to also find out what they are. Any treasure boxes that you find can also be unlocked here to discover their contents. Items that you have found can be then sold in a near by shop to gain you money which will pay for things that you need including nights rest in hotels. Here you can also take your character to a hotel to sleep which recharges his energy levels which is vital especially after you have been diving because you need to recharge both your energy levels and your oxygen supply. As well as there being a hotel there are also many shops such as a medicine store and an equipment shop, there is even a camera shop where you can buy a camera for later on missions in the game. This is used for missions taking pictures of fish under water, which you keep in photo album.

Through out the game you will find yourself leading Leo through many missions, many of these missions will be helping people you meet along your travels. Many of the people you meet will have lost objects in the sea and you will help them by relocating these objects. On signs put up in the town peoples needs are listed to help you find tasks to complete One man in the game even just wants to collect pictures of fish. When you help people by completing missions they will award you with shells of gratitude, which you can collect through out the game, these will help you to complete the adventure. You will find yourself trading bounty and uncovering the myths to the location of many hidden treasures.. Experience challenging sub-scenarios that open up as you receive missions from the island inhabitants.

Everblue 2 is not just a game that you can have a quick go on, you must sit down and get into the story line if you want to fully enjoy its game play. This game is more for people who enjoy a good adventure game. The graphic are not striking but even so I think that this game will be well enjoyed by people who like to sit down and have a long play on there play station. I think that this is a game for all ages especially though for the younger game player as the game and story line are both easy to follow. This is a unique kind of game and with its many options I think this will keep many gamers entertained for a long period.

6 out of 10