Dog's Life

PS2 - Dog's Life Review PS2
Dog's Life Review PS2
Dog's Life story is very reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp. Jake is the main character and he has a thing for Daisy the other dog on the farm, as he is farting and trying to chat her up Daisy gets dog napped by a couple of fools and before you know it Jake has been dog napped too. Fortunately for Jake the back doors on the van are left open and his cage which he is housed in falls off the back of the truck. So while being distracted by some bones Jake sets off to try and rescue Daisy.

Even though you would have thought the main object of the game is to rescue Daisy, the real object is to collect as many bones as possible. In the dogs world the number of bones you have relates your authority over other dogs.

To help you find what you are looking for Jake has Smellovision allows you to see smells. Smells are broken down into different colours purple, yellow, blue and pink. The smells you collect will determine what will happen in the game, if you pick up 50 scents of a certain colour you will be awarded a bone. Collecting other smells will enable you to challenge other dogs, if you win you will have control of that dog for the rest of the game but only for short stints once you start to control the other dog. The first dog challenge you will have is against a little Chihuahua. At this point I think I had collected two bones where as the Chihuahua only had one bone. This immediately gives you an advantage to the challenge set, I had to run Jake around a track that was laid out with a trail of dog biscuits or something. To win you have to beat the other dog and collect at least half of the dog biscuits along the way. Needless to say I won because it was incredibly easy, now I had control of the Chihuahua I was able to use him to go into the house through the cat flap (which Jake can't fit through) to collect a bone for Jake.

PS2 - Dog's Life Review PS2
PS2 - Dog's Life Review PS2
PS2 - Dog's Life Review PS2

Basically that is what Dog's Life is all about collecting scents to challenge dogs which in turn will unlocks a mini game that will see Jake end up with yet another bone, so long as you win that is. Dog's Life can get a little frustrating when you find a dog to challenge just to find out he has loads more bones than you. In this case you have to wonder around a bit to find out where you need to get to collect the extra bones needed to challenge the next dog.

Dog's Life is not hard by any means this is because Dog's Life has been made specifically for young kids. This is a good thing too because it is a very funny game, with all the toilet humour and Wayne's World type gags will be really tickle kids sense of humour.

Graphically Dog's Life will also appeal to the kids with lots of cuddly looking dogs and Disney style environments for the most part. Jakes animation is actually pretty good but the rest of the cast could have had a little more time spent on simple animations of walking and running. There is a massive variety of dogs in the game so Dog's Life could even be enjoyed by dog nuts.

Dog's Life is not a game that will appeal to the older gamers but it is perfect for mom to go out and by a copy for her little kids, and the kids will love it too. I have to admit I was quite amused with Dog's Life for a short while until it became repetitive due to the simple challenge. Definitely one for the kids.

6.5 out of 10

Kids ratings 8 out of 10

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