Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! Review PlayStation 2

Destroy All Humans! Review PlayStation 2
Destroy All Humans! Review PlayStation 2

Destroy all Humans is a game that takes the stories and myths of aliens landings and abductions and mixes it up with 1950’s B movies. There is a twist though, rather than blowing up Alien scum you will play the alien who is coming to destroy all humans. Think of the film Mars Attacks and that sort of humor and you will have a good idea of what to expect, a tongue in cheek play on an alien invasion. It’s all here too, flying saucers, ray guns, conspiracies, cow mutilations and lots of probing.

Crypto Sporidum is the name of the villainous alien who has an appetite for killing lots and lots of human beings. The story goes that Crypto’s predecessor Sporidum 136 has crash landed on earth and the human now have him in captivity. So Crypto is sent to earth to check everything out. It so happens that humans have Furon DNA in their brains. Furon’s are Crypto’s race of aliens and they use the DNA to clone and reproduce, and it just so happens that Crypto and his mates are short on the old DNA, so they are here to take it back. Along the way Crypto discovers that some government agency has a plot to capture him and develop Furon technology.

That’s about it, it doesn’t really matter what the story is, and to be honest, its pretty random on the best of days.

Crypto has three basic weapons, sorry Furon weapons at his disposal, his gun, psychic powers and his flying saucer. Each of his weapons can be upgraded, the gin can be modified into a number of weapons from a grenade launcher, a probing device and it can also fire out electricity to fry any human in sight. Every time you encounter one of the games bosses you will revert back to the flying saucer. The weapons in the flying saucer are pretty special and far more powerful than the other weapons.

The unfortunate thing is, the gameplay in Destroy all Humans is pretty average and quite basic. You will spend loads of time blasting humans and the reminder of time in the saucer. You will have to harvest DNA also the effects are quite amazing the head will explode leaving the brain behind. The saucer gameplay is very similar to the on foot gameplay, even though they appear and sound quite different, in reality it’s pretty much the same.

When you play the game on foot you will find a similar system to that found in GTA. I’m talking about the alert system that lets you know how many police are after you. Destroy all Humans has a similar meter which measures panic in the public domain, as the meter increases you will find more and more of the authorities are after you. As you progress through the missions you will come across some mini games or side missions. To actually open some of these missions you will need to collect a certain amount of DNA. Unfortunately once you get to the side missions you will probably be disappointed after a couple as they all seem to follow the same path, kill lots of people and collect certain DNA or checkpoint racing. They are sometimes of some use, as you can repeat a lot of the missions to collect extra DNA should you be running low.

The story missions are a similar story although they are different in one way. Crypto can clone or cloak himself as a human. However to maintain your cloaking capability you must keep your concentration levels up, which is done by simply scanning the brains of people on the street. This isn’t particularly brilliant but it is quite humorous at times when you scan humans brains for their thoughts, as the thoughts of each person can be quite funny.

It is the humor which make Destroy all Humans worth while, the gameplay isn’t great but the humor is. Communism is the butt of a lot of the jokes or should I say humor in the game and the rest of the humor is generally based on the celebrities of yester year back in the 50’s and 60’s.

Destroy all Humans look ok, but rather than the quality of the graphics Destroy all Humans has a good sense of style. Crypto looks like you would expect, a little grey man and all the places Crypto visits such as small towns, farms to military bases look just right. The humans and their dress sense is perfect also, you will see blokes with those awful 50’s sleeveless jumpers among other things of that era such as students with those cheese college jackets of the 50’s. The one point where the visuals really don’t do the game any justice is the pop up or draw rate in the distance, great big objects such as buildings which are very close can just appear out of now where. That’s one thing, but when you are in a saucer things are far worse, whole blocks of towns can be absent from the screen until you fly in close enough when they will appear as if by magic.

The audio is perfect, voices sound right, Crypto has a very strange voice but it seems to suit him quite well. The music has been lifted directly from the B movies or yester year and there is also loads of Theremin in there to keep the experience authentic. Again if you think of the B movie remake Mars Attacks you will have a good idea what to expect.

All in all Destroy all Humans is ok, its unfortunate that the major weak point is the gameplay, as everything else that compliments the game is great. If you play Destroy all Humans you know you are going to be in for a bunch or laughs and the whole alien abduction/B movie experience is great. Its probably not a game you should buy, because the game will only last for about 8-10 hours and the gameplay is on the dull side. It is the sort of game you should rent for a couple of days though.

6.5 out of 10

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