Def Jam Vendetta

Def Jam Vendetta Reviewed

Fight the Power……

Def Jam Vendetta

Its summer time again and as per usual every-one else has b*((!*ed off of their hols and left me to the reviewing. Now I must start by saying that me and fight games don’t mix. I have tried to get enthusiastic about Mortal Kombat and Tekken but I find them about as exciting as a 3 hour Ornithology Lecture so lets hope the fight fans get back from their luxury yacht soon.

Any way onto the game………

Def Jam Vendetta @

Def Jam Vendetta is a mean street, back alley hip hop fight extravaganza. With many of our favourite stars providing the backing tracks. You fight your way through various levels gain experience along the way by buying extra ability (a’la Tony Hawks). As wrestling games go I was pleasantly surprised, the controls didn’t take too long to pick up and the moves felt intuitive which keeps the game play smooth. The game is billed as a street fight spectacular but wrestle fans should be assured this is definitely a wrestling game.

There are a number of ways to play this game but I would recommend the story mode. You fight in various clubs and alleys around New York, building your profile as you go. Along the way you will need to fight the odd tag match or watch some female fights as they battle for your attention (this doesn’t happen to me too often these days).

One of the games best features is the ‘look’, graphics are slick looking and the movement is as smooth as I’ve seen in a game of this genre, but this games greatest feature is its butt kick backing track DMX, Ludacris, Redman, Method Man, Scarface, Keith Murray, and more collaborate on the release to great effect.

Overall this is by far the best wrestling game I have ever played, its complete in every way, it looks great, plays well and sounds out of this world. Go and get it now even if like me you’ve steered clear of this genre. There is something in Def Jam Vendetta that might just float your boat……