Games - DEADLY SKIES 3 - PS2 Review


The Deadly Skies air combat series makes its debut on the PS2 and the game centres on Delta Squadron a crack unit of pilots. You play as one of the 20 members of the Squadron through 60 missions. Doing the usual taking out key installations and weapons facilities and with an added twist of entering a futuristic space mission to confront Earth's nemesis.

There are over 130 aircraft available, each one suited to individual pilots and missions. Officially licensed modelled aircraft such as the MIG-29SMT 'FULCRUM C', F-15E 'STRIKE EAGLE', EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON and even classic World War II models and surprisingly the VIC VIPER from the popular Gradius shoot-em up series.

I had wondered where all the big promotions had got to for this particular title, had I missed it, had I fallen into a deep coma

Games - DEADLY SKIES 3 - PS2 Review

for the last few weeks. Then the penny dropped once I placed the game into my PS2 and realised instantly why there hasn't been any promotional material for DEADLY SKIES 3, you just wouldn't bother its mind numbingly boring.

I wept like a baby with serious nappy rash when I had to be forced to play this game. You seem to be just flying around alot shooting at things in the distance and doing it all painfully slowly The aircrafts feel as if they are running on potato peelings. Why oh why did Konami bother.

I can't believe they have made it to number 3 in the series, thankfully we haven't had all incarnations on the PS2. Previous versions found their way on the Dreamcast, Xbox and even the Gameboy Advanced, unlucky for some.

Not for the hardened PS2 gamer and at a supposedly £39.99 do not waste your money or your parents hard earned money. Wait for when the Medal of Honor series decides to take the leap into air combat and buy Deadly Skies 3 when its in the bargain bin for a fiver which will be a week after the release date TRUST ME.



Painfully boring, there's no real plot to get to grips with, and its too slow.


Fair visuals nothing to shout about


Can't bear to put it back in the PS2 for a second time

4 out of 10

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