Chaos legion Review

Chaos legion Review on PS2

Capcom's latest release combines elements from both devil May Cry and Dynasty Warriors with an added RPG element. The game can be best described as a slash-em-up and offers constant relentless action, fans of this genre of games will not be disappointed.

The game pips you against monsters, anything from spider like creatures to large monstrosities with the odd larger boss character to add to the challenge.

The game looks good graphically as you take control of a character resembling Dante from Devil May Cry called Sieg Wahrheit, designed well he looks cool, sleek and possesses the obligatory attitude. The game often throws waves of enemies, creating a non-stop thumb punisher.

One of Chaos legion's strong points is the ability to summon creatures, called legions to give you a hand in battle. There are various different legion types with different attributes, for example some are archers, others rely on their trusty fists and some become walking bombs that blow up anything in their path. The idea is that you gain 'experience points' to increase the number of a type of legion or its attributes, for example increasing it's defensive or attacking strengths. Experience points are gained by killing enemies and can also be used to improve your own attributes such as achieving combos and other special abilities. The games RPG element is also a nice touch and helps to give the game more purpose.

Chaos legion is not a particularly hard game to play, in fact it could be considered too easy which serious gamers would breeze through without too much of a problem, the only challenges being the three tough bosses you encounter throughout the game.

This is a shame because there is potential for a game of real quality here.

James Skelton


PS2 - Chaos legion Review on PS2
PS2 - Chaos legion Review on PS2
PS2 - Chaos legion Review on PS2
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