Batman: Dark Tomorrow    
Batman: Dark Tomorrow PlayStation 2 and Xbox

Explosions echo throughout the tough streets of Gotham City as rival gangs battle for control of the city.

Chaos reigns supreme with the sudden disappearance of Police Commissioner James Gordon and the lockdown of Arkham Asylum, home for the criminally insane. By using all of his skills, as well as a variety of high-tech gadgets, Batman must stop the gang war, infiltrate Arkham Asylum and rescue the Commissioner. Plus, Batman must also piece together clues to discover the mastermind behind these seemingly unrelated events and stop an evil plan that threatens the fate of the entire world!

Batman will face action on the streets of Gotham City, Gazette Square, the Gotham Docks, an abandoned steel factory, the Gotham City Sewer System, Arkham Asylum, and others.

Players will have to call on all of his hand-to-hand combat skills, his high-tech gadgets and devices, and his keen detective abilities

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Uk Release November 2002 release

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