Auto Modellista On PS2  
Auto Modellista On PS2

Capcom take the world by storm with Auto Modellista. Known for their fantastic survival horror and beat em up games Capcom venture into a new field of gaming.

Auto Modellista as you can see looks different to any other sports racing game. The graphical technique is known as cell shading. This gives the game the appearance of a 2D cartoon, although when you see it in action you will realise it is in full 3D. Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast first used this technique and now it's the new vogue style of computer games.

One of the best of many features of Auto Modellista is the online function that will be available for the Japanese market. As well as just racing on line you will be able trade tune up parts for your cars and people who aren't taking part in the racing are able to watch the race unfold.

Secondly the cars are fully customisable, from the performance parts to the colour and even the different logos and sponsors down the side of the car.

With the online function being such a dominant feature in the game it sounds like Capcom are hoping to build a community of racing drivers, mechanics and spectators with Auto Modellista. Something like a virtual F1 or NASCAR season in cyber space. Mechanics tune and prepare the cars, the drivers race them and people come to view the spectacle.

The only bad news is that Auto Modellista is not due for release in the UK at this time, if ever. Although there are rumours that Capcom have plans to ship it to the UK sometime before Christmas. The second bit of bad news is if it does come to the UK it may not have the online features. Although the infer structure for inline gaming in the UK should be in place by June or July. So keep all your fingers crossed that this beauty will make it to the shores on the UK in one piece.

Auto Modellista is looking like it could make history with its online gaming features and lets hope Capcom's first racing game is a good one if not a classic of the future.

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