Aggressive Inline Review
Aggressive Inline Review On PS2
From the makers of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX comes Aggressive Inline an inline skating game that moves away from the Dave Mirra control model to a more similar system to the Tony Hawk series. So anyone who has played Tony Hawk shouldn't have any problems with the control system. There are lots of D-pad combinations that add up to loads of grabs and flips. The circle button is used as a general action button, it starts goals if you are near a goal trigger and it also performs air grabs onto horizontal and vertical poles positioned though out the games levels. The triangle button performs grind tricks and like Tony Hawk 3 you can combo from one grind to another without leaving the rail. Aggressive inline also features a cess slide which is similar to Tony Hawk 3's revert which enables you to carry on combos after landing a vert trick, timing on a cess slide to manual is a bit trickier when your first getting started.

The levels in Aggressive Inline are huge and the 2 minute timer used in the majority of games in this genre is now gone. You can skate around at your own pace until you start a time-based goal, this goal must be completed in the allocated time given. The only other thing you have to watch is your juice meter which acts as both a countdown timer and your special meter, as you land tricks your meter fills up. Standing around or bailing out causes your meter to slowly drain and if it drains completely the game ends. Keeping the meter filled isn't difficult though, so this is more like a formality than something you need to be careful of.

Aggressive Inline doesn't have rigid goal structures; each level has long lists of goals, including standard point and time-based goals, but most of the games goals are based on doing tricks on specific parts of the level. Like Dave Mirra 2, most of the goals are discovered when you talk to people within the level. You will probably find that completing most of the goals is easy, but you will also find a couple goals that seem far more difficult than the rest. When you complete goals you are rewarded with new levels. Each skater starts out with fairly weak stats in almost every category. You improve your stats by pulling certain moves. For example, if you want to improve your speed, you should skate fast, to improve your grind stats you will have to pull of some grinds or grind combos to up your stats. All other categories may be raised in the same manner.

Aggressive Inline Review On PS2 @
Aggressive Inline Review On PS2 @
Aggressive Inline Review On PS2 @
Aggressive Inline Review On PS2 @

The models and animation in Aggressive Inline are pretty cool. The games environments are very large and they feature bright colourful textures. The level geometry isn't the smoothest but the level size more than makes up to this. The game also sounds good with great sound effects used for the skating and grinds. The soundtrack features tracks from Sublime, Rakim, P.O.D to name a few.

Aggressive Inline game play is a success, the large number of goals in the game provide a range of difficulty giving new player something to do while not skimping on the difficulty. It has also taken successful designs from past games and given them a face lift in the process, which makes the game feel new and fresh. The ideas used with regard to the timed run and in-level goals are sure to become trends and possibly borrowed by other games in the future. Anyone who likes the Tony Hawk series of games will love this; it's close enough to Tony hawk to make it feel familiar while at the same time the new game design adds a new and fresh edge.

8 out of 10

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