James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing

Games - James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing Review PS2

James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing Review PS2

Since the classic days of the N64's Bond game Golden Eye developers, well EA have tried to recreate the feeling of being James Bond in a video game. And why not, James Bond is probably the most famous secret agent of them all and his gadgets are just begging to be used properly in a video game. But the problem so far is that all the Bond games have been produced as first person shooters, and as we all know, James Bond is far more than a man running around with a gun in his hand.

This time EA have developed 007 Everything or Nothing from a slightly different angle, you now see Bond and the crew from a third person perspective, which means you can still shoot loads of people but you can also drive cars and get loads more action for your cash.

Firstly, James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing is not a film in its own right like most of the 007 predecessors. Everything or Nothing has been made from a film makers view point to such a

Games - James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing Review PS2

point that Pierce Brosnan lends his voice to the game along with a host of other Hollywood favourites such as John Cleese, Dame Judi Dench and Willem Dafoe who plays the typical KGB bad guy. This is not the end of the developer's efforts to convince you this is a real 007 film James Bond is modelled on Pierce Brosnan as is Q on John Cleese and so on. So all the actors are here in their virtual own selves.

EA have done a great job of creating a typical 007 story line that intertwines with some of Bonds previous outings. Willem Dafoe plays an ex-KGB agent named Nikolai Diavolo. Diavolo is said to have worked with former Bond Uber-villain Max Zorin, who fans of the movies will remember as the bad guy played by Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill. Another blast from the past is the appearance of Jaws, the metal-mouthed behemoth from Bond's even more distant past. The plot of the game focuses on nanobot technology--Diavolo wants to use microscopic machines for his evil needs, and it's up to 007 to prevent him. Along the way, you'll save the girl, break the necks of some henchmen, and blow up many things including dams, airplanes, army installations & tanks and you even get to give a sensual massage.

With 007 Everything or Nothing being a third person shooter, the action has become less gun ho and a little more stealthy. You are encouraged to shoot and take cover think Solid Snake and you won't be far wrong. The bad guys will also take cover when they see you, so if you are cunning enough you can shoot the bad guys before they see you or once they have taken cover they will pop their head up now and again. This is the best and safest way to dispatch with the enemy. You will notice that Bond's aim is fantastic, you can take cover behind and object and just be pressing the fire button you can unleash a perfect head shot that will kill the enemy instantly. This can make things a little too easy at times because you can take out the majority of the enemy with one shot head shots. There is plenty of shooting in Everything or Nothing but there is also plenty more action driving cars and motorbikes. In true James Bond fashion all the machinery it top notch, the car featured in Everything or Nothing is a Porsche but it does have some cool accessories such as rocket launchers, as does the motorbike with features flame throwers.

Graphically, James Bond has never looked so good. The actors are rendered perfectly and the scenery is smooth and beautifully detailed. The frame rate never falters and the sound is stunning. I did have my reservations before playing 007 – Everything or Nothing. The fact that EA had artistic freedom with such a loved character was a worry to me. Although, now - I feel there is no need for anymore movies we should live out our future Bond fantasies in the realm of the console game.

All in all Everything or Nothing is a great game and probably the best Bond game ever made. Gone are the days of the first person shooters that defined Bond on the video game of the past and welcome the slick new third person world with all the gadget and cars you can ask for. This is the best representation of James Bond 007 on a video game yet.


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