The Fawlty Towers star's actor husband Timothy West went public with his wife's health scare in 2014, revealing the 83 year old is suffering from a "mild" form of the condition.

Prunella has now spoken out about how she is coping with memory loss, and reveals she has no plans to give up acting.

"One can cope," she tells Britain's Daily Mail. "(It) takes a little longer to learn lines... (but I just need to start earlier."

However, Timothy is happy to take on fewer acting projects because he wants to spend more time with his wife.

"The work is thinning down a bit now, which is quite good really," he adds.

Timothy previously opened up about Prunella's battle with dementia in a U.K. TV documentary about the couple's passion for travelling by boat on Britain's canals, explaining, "Pru has this condition. It's sort of Alzheimer's but it isn't; it's quite mild... She can't remember things very well...

"When you think back over the long period and you think this person that I loved and enjoyed this and that and the other with doesn't really exist any more, it's another person... that's quite painful. But you mustn't think like that, you must take it from day to day. You notice how much she's able to do and how much she enjoys life... Her sense of humour is still there, and things still make her laugh. We have a lot of fun."