Creating a new model for releasing music; one that will inspire others and lead the way into the music revolution

PROTEST RECORDINGS is the first official e-label, based and operating exclusively on-line. The music is only distributed as MP3s, available via contributing online retailers globally and directly from the digital Protest shop.

Protest was borne out of a desire to set straight the shortcomings of the existing music industry, which has let down music lovers all over the world by placing undue emphasis on sales, and manipulating tastes by means of mass media - overpricing music whilst the artists themselves are left with potentially tiny royalties and little scope for creative expression.

The phenomenal increase in downloaded music shows the music fans' frustration with the traditional industry, and that the time is right for the benefits of new technology to be honestly and willingly passed on to those who really matter; the fans and the artists.

Protest will let users enjoy music at the touch of a button and at a reasonable price, whilst knowing their money is going directly to the artists. They will be able to listen to new material at any given time - without having to wait for the 'next release' - and have access to a unique level of interaction with Protest acts, including viable input into their artistic development.

Protest's music policy is simple: open- mindedness. Protest does not believe in barriers between musical genres. All of the artists on Protest are bound together not only by it's ethos, but by a shared ambition to make good, forward-thinking music that will reach a worldwide audience. The diversity of this audience is reflected by the Protest roster, which encompasses different styles as diverse as straight-up hip-hop and heartfelt guitar-based music chosen and developed by the artists and fans themselves.

Protest is a label for anyone who is not willing to conform to the continuous monopolization of the music industry - music served to us on a plate; tasteless, forced, and formulated to reach Top 10, has had it's day. It is time for another music revolution.