British rapper Professor Green dreamed up the name of his upcoming album while he was answering a call of nature.
The 27 year old releases At Your Inconvenience later this year (11), and he admits the title came to him while he visited a restroom during the video shoot for his 2010 track Coming To Get Me.
He tells website, "The album's called At Your Inconvenience, which was kinda spawned by a lack of sleep to be honest. I actually came up with the idea when I was having a p**s, seriously.
"I was having a p**s on the Coming To Get Me video shoot, and weirdly there was a mirror above the urinal and there was a card stuck in it and it said 'At your convenience', and again I'd not had much sleep and I just thought 'At your convenience? Actually no, not anymore, everyone can go and f**k themselves'. The first song on the album is the title track, and it's the start of it. That's the message I get across in the very first song."