The hip-hop star's first film, titled Professor Green: Suicide and Me, explored the issue of mental health issues in men and was a personal project for Green as his father took his own life.

The documentary was well received by critics after it aired in the U.K. in October (15), and now Green has been commissioned to make more.

He will tackle the subjects of youth homelessness and dog attacks in films titled Sleeping Rough and Dangerous Dogs as part of a drive to shine a light on social issues.

"I want to do more to explore the issues that we often don't know enough about, which is why I can't wait for everyone to see these new projects I'm working on..." he says. "The difficult subjects that we're bringing attention to this time will take me on another eye-opening journey and I hope to raise awareness around two big social problems that will only continue to grow unless we tackle them head on."

The two films are due to air on Britain's BBC3 channel next year (16).