British rapper Professor Green turned his back on a life of crime after he was scared straight by a "swat squad" arrest.
The hip-hop star, real name Stephen Manderson, was raised in London's tough Hackney area and worked as a drug dealer before he was signed to The Streets star Mike Skinner's label.
And he's convinced he would have turned into a hardened criminal if he hadn't been arrested at the age of 21.
He recalls, "I was involved in stuff at the same time that I started making music. I wasn't small time. It wasn't a bit of petty cash. It was quite a serious thing. Then, in 2005 I was raided by a swat squad and I was arrested for something. That was my first arrest. They do things properly. I was arrested for suspicion of kidnap, false imprisonment and possession. But I got a 'no further action' because it was wrong place, wrong time.
"That happened as I was negotiating a deal with Mike Skinner's label and that was a big wake-up call."